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Concordance Institute for Advancing Social Justice

Mission Statement

The Concordance Institute aims to advance science to improve well-being of individuals and families impacted by criminal justice system involvement. 


Housed at the Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis, the newly formed research center is the result of a transdisciplinary public-private-academic initiative committed to accelerating the feedback loop of research-practice-and-policy engagement. The publicly and privately funded initiative recently launched implementation of the Concordance Institute for Advancing Social Justice and the Concordance Academy of Leadership – a community-university partnership committed to innovation, rigorous real-world research, and the delivery of sophisticated services to justice-involved adults.


The Concordance Institute is a research center that seeks to invent, test, leverage, and coordinate the best reentry practice and policy contributions for dissemination and capacity building. The Concordance Institute uses randomized controlled trials to enhance the quality of evidence available for criminal justice related interventions. 

The Concordance Academy is a community-based direct services entity. The Concordance Academy program model combines empirically driven and groundbreaking approaches to delivering holistic and integrated reentry services to incarcerated individuals returning to the St. Louis region. 

The Concordance Academy/Concordance Institute collaboration will ignite a real-time feedback loop in which the lessons learned in research conducted by the Concordance Institute can be immediately incorporated into Concordance Academy practices. In turn, the practice strategies and innovations at the Concordance Academy can be refined or tested at the Concordance Institute. As evidence-based practices are established, the partners will scale-up and manualize interventions to facilitate the adoption of empirically supported practices by others around the country. Combined the best of practice and research coordination will prompt timely, empirically-informed, policy engagement that in traditional contexts takes years to occur.

​​​​​​​​ e-book: Concordance Initiative Unites Research and Practice to Reduce Incarceration

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