New Collection of Papers Addresses Diabetes and Obesity Prevention Strategies

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In 2014, the Washington University Center for Diabetes Translation Research (WU-CDTR) and the Institute for Public Health at Washington University partnered on an event called “Next Steps in Public Health: Elimination Population-Based Disparities in Diabetes and Obesity.”

This one-day conference brought together dozens of researchers from a variety of disciplines across Washington University and partner institutions for a day of brainstorming and discussion to develop a series of papers intended to inform real-world approaches to diabetes and obesity prevention.

These papers have now been published in the May 7, 2015 edition of Preventing Chronic Disease. With an editorial by  the group’s leader, Debra Haire-Joshu, PhD, outlining the Next Steps project, and including a dozen articles addressing issues surrounding the prevention of diabetes and obesity, the collection includes the work of 43 researchers representing 15 disciplines and 5 institutions across the country.

As Dr. Haire-Joshu notes in her editorial, “These articles document research across various stages of development and inform implementation of evidence-based practices across high-risk populations. 

Although research on several topics in this collection is in its early stages, we anticipate that these articles will provide practitioners with evidence and leverage points for their efforts in controlling diabetes and obesity. Articles in the collection cover 3 major topics: contextual risk factors, environment and policy issues, and the emerging evidence base for effective interventions.”​

The articles can be browsed online here: