Brown School Helps Develop Public Health Education in Haiti

Community Engagement; Faculty; Public Health

Lora Iannotti has been traveling to Haiti for 25 years, the last six of which have been for research as an assistant professor at the Brown School. This summer, she and others from Brown and a partner university took the first steps toward the establishment of a public health degree program there.

The Brown School has joined with Université Publique du Nord au Cap-Haïtien (UPNCH) to create an undergraduate degree program aimed at enhancing the skills of community health workers, epidemiologists and others who can focus on disease prevention. The Public Health Summer Institute brought together academics and government officials to discuss curriculum and other issues.

“We want to help train and build resources and capacity for people, working toward a preventive approach,” says Iannotti, who noted that there are limited options for affordable higher education in public health in Haiti, especially in the northern part of that nation.

Also attending the Institute and participating in the research from the Brown School were Patricia Kohl, associate dean for social work and assistant professor; Nancy Mueller, assistant dean for planning and evaluation; and Joe Steensma, professor of practice.