Brown School Launches 3-2 Master of Public Health Program

Public Health; Students

The Brown School has launched a 3-2 Master of Public Health program. Designed for Washington University undergraduates, the program allows students to earn both an undergraduate degree and a master’s in public health in five years.

The 3-2 MPH program is available to students pursuing any undergraduate major in Arts & Sciences, including fields like anthropology, biology and biomedical sciences, political science, and urban studies.

By continuing their education at the Brown School, these students will deepen their access to Washington University’s outstanding resources, including research and practicum opportunities at the School of Medicine, the Institute for Public Health, and the Brown Schools 13 affiliated research centers.

“Brown School MPH graduates are helping improve the health of communities and populations locally and around the world,” said Matthew W. Kreuter, associate dean for public health and Kahn Family Professor of Public Health at the Brown School. “We’re excited to extend our offerings to Washington University’s exceptional undergraduate students.”

Application details are available at