Delta Omega and Phi Alpha induct outstanding graduates

Faculty; Public Health; Social Work; Students

The Brown School’s chapter of Delta Omega, the honorary society in public health, welcomed 12 new members, and our chapter of Phi Alpha, the honor society for social work, added 11 new honorees. Nikki Spencer, a dual-degree student, was inducted into both societies.

Delta Omega

Founded in 1924, Delta Omega encourages and recognizes excellence in the field of public health at more than 80 universities around the world. The Brown School’s chapter, Gamma Sigma, was established in 2013. Inductees are recognized for their academic excellence, potential for leadership in the field and commitment to the values of public health.

This year’s inductees included:

  • Sarah Arnosky, MPH
  • Amanda Burgess, MPH
  • Shannon Carrillo, MPH
  • Lindsay Elliott, MPH/MSW
  • Nikki Spencer, MPH/MSW
  • Anne Trolard, MPH
  • Xiangji Ying, MPH

Delta Omega also inducted several Brown School alumni: Lara Altman, MPH/MSW ’13; Sonia Sequeira, MPH/MSW ’13; and Andrea Spray, MPH ’11. Professor Douglas A. Luke​, director of the PhD program in Public Health Sciences, was selected for induction as a faculty inductee.

William G. Powderly​, director of Washington University’s Institute for Public Health, was selected as an honorary inductee.

Phi Alpha

The Phi Alpha Honor Society recognizes academic excellence and provides and promotes humanitarian goals and ideals. This is the Brown School’s second year of inducting students into the honor society; the Phi Gamma chapter was opened in March 2015.

This year’s inductees were:

  • Marcus Brown, MSW
  • Ryan Burton, MSW
  • Rhonda Coursey-Pratt, MSW
  • Lindy Drew, MSW/MPH
  • Jennifer Gaviria, MSW
  • Ashley Jones, MSW
  • Charlotte Key, MSW/MPH
  • Ally Melvin, MSW
  • Laura Newton, MSW
  • Nikki Spencer, MSW/MPH
  • Rebecca Stern, MSW