The Brown School Welcomes 10 New Faculty Members

Faculty; Public Health; Social Work

The Brown School was fortunate to welcome 10 new faculty members in the 2016-2017 academic year, providing research, leadership and exceptional teaching in key areas of social work and public health.

Heather Cameron
Michael B. Kaufman Professor of Practice in Social Entrepreneurship

Heather Cameron is the inaugural Michael B. Kaufman Professor of Practice in Social Entrepreneurship. As the Kaufman professor, she develops and teaches a transdisciplinary curriculum in social innovation and entrepreneurship, advises students at the masters and doctoral levels, builds career and enterprise pipelines, and pursues research on comparative urban education and development, incubation strategies for social enterprises and social impact investing. Learn more.

Christine Ekenga
Assistant Professor

Christine Ekenga’s research focuses on the epidemiology of chronic diseases such as cancer and respiratory diseases, with a particular focus on assessment methods for research and clinical practice. Her current work includes examining how lifestyle, environmental and occupational factors interact to influence health and well-being. Learn more.

Janelle Gibson
Senior Lecturer

Janelle Barker Gibson’s career experience reflects 18 years of work in the human service and healthcare fields. Before joining Washington University as an adjunct professor in 2009, Gibson served as a development professional and practiced as a government relations specialist, serving as a lobbyist in both the Missouri and Illinois legislatures. Since 2007 she has provided management consulting services for nonprofits throughout St. Louis, focusing on board development and fundraising. Learn more.

Angela Hobson
Senior Lecturer

Angela Hobson has completed occupational exposure assessment methodology research for Parkinsonism among welders and has assessed heavy metal environmental contamination in the Peruvian Andes. Prior to becoming a senior lecturer, she was an adjunct faculty member at the Brown School and an adjunct assistant professor at Saint Louis University, and she has also worked as a Registered Environmental Health Specialist at the Jefferson County Department of Health and the Environment in Colorado. Learn more.

Jessica Levy
Senior Lecturer

Through research, policy development and program implementation and evaluation, Jessica Levy has devoted her career to promoting women’s and girls’ sexual and reproductive health and rights. She has worked with underserved communities in the United States, as well as in nine countries in Latin America, sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East, and she has provided research support and technical guidance as a consultant for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, CARE, UNFPA, and more. Learn more.

Ryan Lindsay
Associate Professor of Practice

Ryan Lindsay is an associate professor of practice at the Brown School and Mental Health concentration chair, where he teaches several courses and leads the curriculum development for the mental health concentration. His career has focused on training new and experienced providers in various evidence-based treatments, consulting with organizations on how to implement programs within the larger organizational context, and increasing the quality of services provided in mental health service agencies. Learn more.

Von Nebbitt
Associate Professor

Von Nebbit’s practice and research experiences are in the areas of urban African-American children and youth, with a primary research agenda of increasing empirical and theoretical knowledge of the effects of living in urban public housing. He examines how exposure to community and household violence, peer networks, and social cohesion and belonging are related to the mental and behavioral health of adolescents living in these environments. Learn more.

Rodrigo Reis

Rodrigo Reis’s research focuses on physical activity and public health, with particular interest in community interventions for promoting physical activity, the effect of the built environment and community on health, active transportation and health, and physical activity analysis. He is also a founding member and the former president of the Brazilian Society for Physical Activity and Health, and he is a board member of the International Society for Physical Activity and Health. Learn more.

Stephen Roll
Research Assistant Professor

Stephen Roll works with the Center for Social Development. He will be leading analysis and research with financial stability and economic development projects, including the Refund to Savings initiative. His doctoral dissertation explored the impact of credit counseling effectiveness of credit counseling agencies across the country, as well as the dynamics that drive success in financial coaching programs. Learn more.

Christopher Veeh
Research Assistant Professor

Christopher Veeh works with the Concordance Institute for Advancing Social Justice. He assists in the development and testing of an innovative reentry program model for formerly incarcerated individuals called the Five Core Facilitators of Well-Being Development. Veeh’s research has emphasized influencing factors on recidivism. He completed his dissertation on the interaction effects of subjective and structural factors on crime among formerly incarcerated males. Learn more.