Brown School Response to Events in Charlottesville

Community Engagement; Diversity

In light of the horrific events of this past weekend, we share a message from Dean Mary McKay and Tonya Edmond, Associate Dean for Diversity, Inclusion & Equity:

Dear Brown School Community,

This message is the second one in just a very few days related to race, ethnicity and social justice. We feel compelled to speak out against those who legitimize racist speech and create conditions that lead to violence and loss of life. The events of this weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia are heartbreaking. While many across our nation are speaking out against those who wish to divide us by race, an analysis of historical and current events suggests that without systematically dismantling the processes and structures that perpetuate marginalizing others, little will change. The values of our professions require us to continuously confront racism and bigotry within our immediate community, as well as in the larger society. It is imperative that as individuals, we create an action plan to contribute to equity and justice. As a School, it is our collective responsibility to lead in addressing the urgent need for social change. Without activation, leadership, vision and discomfort, maintenance of systemic racism is a certainty.

The Brown School stands with Charlottesville, the University of Virginia and all those who insist that justice and equity are achievable goals and deny the legitimacy of hate and division. We humbly pledge to continue to use our voices to name racism, homophobia, xenophobia, anti-Semitism and other forms of bigotry when they occur, and to educate members of our community so that we can collectively take actions needed to bring about meaningful social change.


Mary McKay
Neidorff Family and Centene Corporation Dean of the Brown School

Tonya Edmond
Associate Dean for Diversity, Inclusion & Equity, Associate Professor