Brown School Leads 60+ Presentations at Society for Social Work and Research Conference

Faculty; PhD; Research; Social Work; Students

The faculty, staff and students of the Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis will offer more than 60 presentations at the Society for Social Work and Research annual conference, a key convening of leading researchers in the field. Their findings cover topics such as food insecurity, place-based community development interventions, and social workers’ role in preventing gun violence.

Centered on the theme “Achieving Equal Opportunity, Equity, and Justice,” the conference will take place Jan. 10 – 14, 2018, in Washington, D.C. 

During the conference, Professors Sean Joe and Melissa Jonson-Reid will also be inducted as fellows in the American Academy of Social Work and Social Welfare for their distinguished accomplishments as scholars and practitioners dedicated to advancing social good.

To honor their achievements, the Brown School will host a reception on Friday, Jan. 12, 6:30 – 7:30 p.m., in the Tulip Room of the Marriott Marquis Washington D.C.

Consult the listings below to explore the breadth of ways to connect with Brown School researchers throughout the conference. All events will take place within the Marriott Marquis Washington D.C.

Thursday, January 11

8:00 AMEffective Dissemination and Communication for Policy Change: Are We Making Legislation or Sausage?Ross Brownson
8:00 AMDeveloping Successful Minority Social Work ScholarsRenee Cunningham-Williams
1:30 PMRates of Child Welfare Interactions: Methodological Challenges and Policy ImplicationsHyunil Kim
1:30 PMThe Front Lines of Financial Defense: Managing Financial Emergencies in Low-Income HouseholdsStephen Roll, Samuel Taylor, Sam Bufe, Michal Grinstein-Weiss
2:00  PMAssessing Subjective Norms Towards HIV As Barriers and Facilitators for Intent to Share Information about PrEPWhitney Sewell
2:30  PMCan Financial Capability Be Built at Work?Ellen Frank-Miller,
Meredith Covington,
Michal Grinstein-Weiss
2:30 PMCorrelates of PrEP Awareness Among High Risk Heterosexual WomenWhitney Sewell,
Harry Taylor,
Darrell Hudson
3:15 PMCaregivers’ Health Concerns and the Recurrence of Child Maltreatment Reports​Chien-jen Chiang
3:15 PMNurse Home Visitation Practice with Vulnerable Families in Rural Areas: A Qualitative Casefile ReviewEllie S. Wideman,
Allison E. Dunnigan,
Melissa Jonson-Reid
3:15 PMUnderstanding Child Maltreatment Report Risks: A 14-Year Longitudinal StudyHyunil Kim,
Melissa Jonson-Reid,
Brett Drake
3:45 PMEmployee Financial Wellness Programs (EFWPs)Ellen Frank-Miller,
Meredith Covington,
Michal Grinstein-Weiss 
3:45 PMThe Israeli Child Savings Account Program: Early Analysis on Implementation and ParticipationMichal Grinstein-Weiss,
Stephen Roll,
Sam Bufe
4:15 PMDo Seoul Hope Plus Savings Accounts Increase Savings and Assets for Working Poor Families in Korea?Michael Sherraden
4:45 PMImpacts of Asset Holding and Saving Behavior in Child Development Accounts: A Causal Mediation AnalysisSondra Beverly,
Margaret Clancy,
Michael Sherraden

Friday, January 12

7:00 AMAdvance Long and Productive Lives (Grand Challenge)Nancy Morrow-Howell
8:00 AMHow Do I Fit? Understanding Barriers and Facilitators to Social Services Among Women Involved in Commercial Sexual ExploitationTonya Edmond
8:00 AMInterpersonal Violence on CampusTonya Edmond
8:00 AMDelinquent Behaviors Among Taiwanese Adolescents: Patterns Identification, Gender/Age Differences, and Correlation with Well-BeingYu-Chih Chen,
Chien-jen Chiang
8:30 AMStaff Perceptions of Feasibility and Acceptability on Implementing an Evidence-Based Child Mental Health Intervention to Reduce Behavioral Difficulties in Child WelfareCole Hooley
9:45 AMImpact of Recession on Food Insecurity Among Low-Income Families: Findings from 2005 – 2014 National Health and Nutrition Examination SurveysVon Nebbitt
9:45 AMOut-of-Pocket Financial Burden for Middle-Aged Adults: Impact of Distinct Patterns of Multi-Morbidity and Health InsuranceSojung Park,
Songhee Kim
9:45 AMSouth African Adult Caregivers As “Protective Shields”: Serving As a Buffer between Precarious Neighborhood Conditions, Food Insecurity, and Youth Risk BehaviorsMary McKay,
Ozge Sensoy-Bahar
9:45 AMPropensity Score Matching: King & Nielsen’s Critique and DiscussionShenyang Guo
9:45 AMResearch Roots & Wings Roundtable 1Renee Cunningham-Williams
10:45 AMAssessing the Extent and Impact of School Sabotage Among Female Community College Students​Tonya Edmond
1:45  PMBuilding Social Capacity: A Core Concept for the Promote Smart Decarceration Grand ChallengeCarrie Pettus-Davis, Antoinette Grier
1:45 PMAre Social Workers Doing Enough to Prevent Gun Violence?Sean Joe
1:45 PMChild Development Accounts: A Universal and Progressive Asset-Building Policy for Economic EqualityMichal Grinstein-Weiss
1:45 PMGun Violence: Using Community Based System Dynamics to Elicit Solutions from YouthSaras Chung,
Kyle A. Pitzer,
Peter S. Hovmand
2:15 PMAn Exploratory Investigation of Applying Social Control Theory in Taiwanese Adolescents’ Delinquent Behaviors: Do Gender and Developmental Stage Matter?Chien-jen Chiang,
Yu-Chih Chen
3:15 PMThe Men’s Group at St. Pius V Parish: A Case Study of a Voluntary Partner Abuse Intervention ProgramMaxine Davis,
Melissa Jonson-Reid
3:30 PMMeasuring Resiliency in Adolescent Girls Involved in Child Welfare: Evaluating Reliability and ValidityWendy Auslander,
Shih-Ying Cheng,
Donald R Gerke,
Rachel Voth Schrag
3:30 PMEffectiveness of Self-Stigma Interventions for Persons with Serious Mental Illness: A Systematic ReviewEleni Gaveras,
Wendy Auslander
3:30 PMAn Examination of the Methodological Rigor of Place-Based Community Development InterventionsAndrew Foell
3:30 PMParticipatory Governance in Rural China the Impact of Formal and Informal Institutions on the Provision of Public GoodsYiqi Zhu 
3:30 PMSocial Isolation, Self-Rated Health, and Self-Rated Oral Health Among African AmericansHarry Taylor
4:00 PMHow Deep in Debt? How Levels of Unsecured Debt Affect Hardship Among Low- and Middle-Income HouseholdsSam Bufe,
Stephen Roll,
Michal Grinstein-Weiss
5:00 PMThe Effect of ACA’s Medicaid Expansion on Insurance Coverage Among Low Income AdultsSojung Park,
Timothy D. McBride,
Ja Kyung Jang
5:15 PMDo Universal and Automatic Child Development Accounts Show Positive Impacts for Disadvantaged Families?Sondra Beverly,
Margaret Clancy,
Michael Sherraden
5:15 PMSexual Violence SurvivorsTonya Edmond (Moderator)

Saturday, January 13

8:00 AMThe Effectiveness of Interventions for Incarcerated Females with Substance Abuse Histories: A Systematic ReviewSara Beeler-Stinn
8:00 AM “God Used a Lot of People to Encourage Me”: A Qualitative Exploration of Sources of Social Support in African American Breast Cancer PatientsTess Thompson,
Maria Pérez,
Maxine Davis,
Donna Jeffe
9:00 AMExamining Association between Resource Curse and Neonatal Mortality RateAytakin Huseynli
9:45 AM Overcoming Challenges to Implementing Randomized Controlled Trials with Underserved Populations in Community-Based SettingsCarrie Pettus-Davis
12:45 PM Grand Challenges RoundtableMichael Sherraden
4:00 PM At the Interface: Organizational and Implementation Science in Social WorkEnola Proctor
4:00 PM Matching Therapists and Patients on Age, Gender and Race: Does It Improve Outcomes in Substance Use Disorder Treatment?David A. Patterson, Josh Chen
4:00 PMNow I Am Ready to Die: A Look at Substance Use, Suicidality and Acquired Capability in AdolescentsCashell Lewis
4:30 PMExperiences of Adopted Children Returning into Public Child Welfare: What We Can Learn from Afcars DataAllison E. Dunnigan,
Hollee McGinnis
5:30 PM Impact of Parental Incarceration and Substance Use on Suicidal Planning of African American Youth Living in Urban Public HousingVon Nebbitt,
Sean Joe

Sunday, January 14

8:00 AMRelationship of Use of Evidence-Based Practice and Length of Stay to Treatment Outcomes at a Large Children, Youth, and Family Services AgencyDavid A. Patterson
8:00 AM What Would Help Low-Income Families Most? Results from a National Survey of 2-1-1 Call Center ProfessionalsTess Thompson,
Patricia Kohl,
Sonia Boyum, Matthew Kreuter
9:45 AM Barriers to Treatment Utilization and Attendance in a Multiple Family Group (MFG) Intervention Among Poverty-Impacted Families in New YorkLindsay A. Bornheimer,
Mary McKay 
9:45 AM Recent Immigrants’ Health Service Utilization and the Coverage of State Medicaid in the United StatesShih-Ying Cheng,
Takashi Amano
9:45 AM Activity Profiles and Health in Later Life: Does Nature of Engagement Matter?Yu-Chih Chen,
Nancy Morrow-Howell
9:45 AM The Association between Social Support and Purpose in Life: Focusing on Retirement StatusOejin Shin,
Takashi Amano,
Sojung Park
9:45 AM An Examination of Class-Based Visibility Bias in Child Maltreatment ReportingHyunil Kim,
Brett Drake
10:15 AM An Examination of Provider Characteristics and Views about Evidence-Based PracticesLindsay A. Bornheimer,
Mary McKay
10:15 AM Community Development Block Grants: Exploring Organization and Neighborhood NetworksKyle A. Pitzer,
Andrew Foell,
Natalicio Serrano
10:45 AM  Identifying Factors Related to Interest in Entrepreneurship Past MidlifeCal Halvorsen,
Yu-Chih Chen
11:15 AMLongitudinal Effects of Positive Father Involvement on Child Behavioral Health Among Families At-Risk for NeglectEricka Lewis,
Donald Gerke,
Patricia Kohl
11:30 AMNeighborhood Environment, Volunteering, and Life Satisfaction Among Older Adults in South Korea: A General Structural Equation ModelYi Wang,
Sojung Park
11:30 AMThe Impact of Housing Insecurity on Child Maltreatment: A Causal Investigation Using Propensity Score AnalysisKatherine Marcal
11:30 AMUnderstanding Racial, Economic and Behavioral Health Barriers for Incarcerated Women of ColorMaya Williams
1:00 PMMaternal Caregivers Types and Internalized Behaviors in African American Adolescents Living in Public HousingVon Nebbitt,
Takashi Amano