Serrano Wins Award for APHA Presentation

Public Health; Research; Students

Natalicio Serrano, a Brown School PhD student in public health sciences, received the 2018 Student Oral Presentation Award during this year’s annual program meeting of the American Public Health Association (APHA).

Established in 2014, the award highlights current research by student members of APHA, with a special focus on the student’s ability to verbally communicate their findings. Serrano’s presentation, ” Building the Capacity: Examining the Impact of Evidence-Based Public Health Trainings in Europe: a Mixed Methods Approach,” was built on his research interests in chronic disease prevention and reduction of health disparities among disadvantaged communities. Ross Brownson, Bernard Becker Professor at the Brown School, was the co-presenter. Brownson is a past recipient of the  APHA Award for Excellence.

Serrano recently completed a two-year NIH funded diversity supplement examining the relationship between environment and travel behavior in Latinos. He earned his MPH in Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences from San Diego University.