New Post-Masters Certificate Hones Mediation, Conflict Resolution Skills

Community Engagement; Diversity

Regardless of age or professional accomplishment, wherever there are people, there is conflict. Siblings must figure out who gets the last piece of candy. Spouses negotiate a compromise for their next family vacation. Friends, neighbors, or colleagues often find themselves with differing needs, perspectives, or opinions.

The latest post-master’s certificate from the Brown School, Mediation and Conflict Resolution, will teach techniques to navigate conflict in a variety of situations.  Participating professionals will learn to engage in and facilitate a range of dispute resolution sessions, from problem-solving meetings to more formal mediations. Classes will be held in late May and early June, 2019.

“Anytime there is a ‘rub’ between you and another person because you both want a limited resource or you want different things, conflict happens,” said CJ Larkin, visiting associate professor of the practice of law, University of Denver and the lead course instructor. “Mediation is an ideal process for times when the parties want to settle their disagreement or improve their situation, but need a facilitator to help them negotiate effectively and fairly.”

Larkin, who has previously served as executive director for two nonprofit agencies, developed an early interest in mediation and often settled disputes between her siblings. In her professional life, she has trained lawyers, social workers, and others in conflict resolution; she has also personally mediated disputes in a variety of situations. She has supervised over 300 law students as mediators through a law school clinic setting.

 “Conflict resolution skills are beneficial within a wide range of professions and at almost any point of in one’s career path,” she noted.  Larkin has trained people in helping professions, management, and team leadership in both non-profit and government positions. She stresses that these skills are applicable in both personal and professional settings.  Application to the post-master’s certificate is open to anyone with a master’s degree from an accredited program. 

The course will meet over two (2) three-day sequences, Thursday to Saturday, May 30 – June 1 and June 6 -8, 2019; 45 social work CEUs are available. For more information and to apply, visit the website. The application deadline is April 26, 2019.