Celebrating PhD Career Outcomes

Public Health; Social Work; Students

The Brown School is proud to recognize the work and career outcomes of recent PhD graduates. Their research focuses on a wide range of areas nationally and globally: social engagement and dementia, child well-being and nutrition, successful aging, medical disparities, rural populations, adolescent physical and mental health, and suicide prevention.

All of these graduates have published in peer-reviewed journals, and their scholarship has been recognized with multiple awards, fellowships and honors.

May 2019 Graduates

Takashi Amano: Assistant Professor,  Rutgers University

Dissertation: “Social Engagement Among Older Adults with Mild Cognitive Impairment and Conversion to Dementia”

Chien-Jen Chiang: Assistant Professor, Louisiana State University

Dissertation: “Subtypes of Neglect in Relation to Reporting Practices, Safety Outcomes among Known Cases, and Risk and Protective Factors”

Katherine Marcal: Assistant Professor, University of Nevada Las Vegas

Dissertation: “Promoting Child Well-being in Homeless Services: A Community-based System Dynamics Approach”

Erin Stringfellow:  Substance Abuse Research Scientist, Missouri Institute of Mental Health

Dissertation: “You Have to Want It: Mental Models of Addiction Recovery and their Implications for Sustainable Interventions”

Yi Wang: Assistant Professor, University of Iowa

Dissertation: “Neighborhood Environment, Social Participation, and Well-Being among Older Adults in the U.S. “

Ellie Wideman: Assistant Professor, Maryville University

Dissertation: “Case Terminations Reasons by Case Characteristics and Child Welfare Involvement”

Ivy Blackmore: Position Pending

Dissertation: “A Formative Assessment of the Vulnerability Context of Three Indigenous Communities in Rural Ecuador for Improved Intervention Design”

December 2018 Graduates

Andrae Banks: Assistant Professor, North Carolina Central University

Dissertation:”Examining the Impact of Financial Well-being upon Black Adolescent Socioemotional Outcomes”

Haley Becker: Adjunct Professor, Washington University

Dissertation: “Understanding Adolescent Physical Activity in the Early Nutrition Transitioning Country of Haiti”

Michael McLaughlin: Teaching Professor,  Washington University’s Olin Business School

Dissertation: “Three Essays on Taxation and Child Maltreatment”

Raven Ross: Health Science Administrator (MSPI/DVPI Data Coordinator), Indian Health Service/Office of Human Resources

Dissertation: “An Exploratory Mixed Methods Study of the Implementation and Evaluation of the Methamphetamine and Suicide Prevention Initiative (MSPI)”

August 2018 Graduates

Lisa Pollack: Postdoctoral Research Associate, Washington University School of Medicine 

Dissertation: “Racial/Ethnic Disparity in Surgical Approach and Post-Operative Complications for Hysterectomy Among Women with Benign Gynecologic Conditions”

Divya Ravindranath: Post-Doctoral Fellow, Indian Institute for Human Settlements

Dissertation: “Maternal Health and Child Malnutrition Among Migrant Households Engaged in Construction Work: Experiences, Challenges and Policy Gaps”