Brown School Student Experiences

The breadth and depth of experiences that our students have during their time at the Brown School are unparalleled. Read firsthand from some of our students.

How do I find housing and a roommate in St. Louis?

​How do you find housing and a roommate in St. Louis? Here are some of my recommendations. Selecting a graduate school, navigating all of the finances involved, and potentially moving cities or even countries can be incredibly stressful. Many prospective students are wondering: where will I live and who will I live with?  If you went away to your undergraduate college or moved far from home in between your undergraduate career and starting at the Brown School, you may have experienced this stress before – maybe your university randomly paired you with another freshman, or maybe there was student housing that you and your friends could choose between, or maybe you just looked on Facebook for an apartment listing within a few blocks of your job.  Grad...

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