Summer Institute 2020

Community Engagement

Registration is underway for the Brown School’s annual Summer Institute. During the weeks of June 15 and June 22, the Brown School will offer 13 virtual courses in data, management and leadership, and policy.

Each course unfolds over five consecutive days, with courses eligible for 15 CEUs or CPH units. The focused, results-oriented coursework appeals to Brown School alumni and other working professionals.

Many of the classes build proficiencies that are valuable in the virtual work environment.

“The Summer Institute is a great venue to learn these skills because it’s the exact right balance of time, group, and content for powerful skill building,” said Steven Harowitz, executive director of Campfire and returning instructor. “I think students are drawn to the Summer Institute because it offers a strong mix of opportunities to learn and become a better professional.” Harowitz will teach Group Facilitation & Management: Skills, Tools and Philosophies for Facilitating Virtually.

Instructors value the insights that students develop during their sessions. Theodore Floros recalls a breakthrough during a session of Introduction to Tableau for Data Visualization. “A student brought in a video by Hans Rosling that focused on changes in living standards over the last 200 years. By the end of the class, we were able to build our own version of the visualization using the Pages feature of Tableau to create a stop motion video.”

Nonprofit and government employees, including Washington University employees, are offered a special rate of $450 for most classes and $400 for a second class. (The general admission rate is $650 for most classes.) The registration deadline is June 5.

Degree-seeking graduate students, including visiting students, may enroll for academic credit. Brown School students should enroll as part of the regular summer registration process, beginning March 25. Visiting students should complete the application process by May 1.

“The Brown School’s Summer Institute offers graduate students and practitioners from our community a unique opportunity to come together to build public health and macro-practice social work skills,” said Janet Gillow, director of Professional Development Programs at the Brown School.

“The pace is rigorous and dynamic,” she said. “In just a week, Summer Institute classes help our participants build a marketable competency they didn’t have before.”

A complete course listing and additional information can be found at the Summer Institute site