Brown School Recognizes Faculty Authors and Editors

Faculty; Public Health; Research

The Brown School faculty has published ground-breaking, field-defining work over the past year. Our publications range in issues across the broad spectrum of social work, public health and public policy.

“We are proud of the work of our faculty and gratified by the recognition of their achievements afforded by these publications,” said Mary McKay, Neidorff Family and Centene Corporation Dean of the Brown School. “Publication ensures that their work will have lasting impact for the people it serves, and for the next generation of researchers.”


Research Methods for Public Health
Amy Eyler (Springer 2020)

The textbook fills a gap in methods texts to focus on skills that are particularly needed for graduate students in public health in areas such as epidemiology and biostatistics. The book also addresses some topics not covered by other texts, such as summarizing and disseminating research.

Foundations of Physical Activity and Public Health, 2nd edition
Deborah Salvo, co-editor (Human Kinetics, 2020)

An updated edition of this textbook, which introduces the concepts of public health and kinesiology, techniques used to measure physical activity, and health effects of exercise and physical activity. The text shows readers how to advance the use of physical activity as a significant component in public health initiatives.

Inclusive Child Development Accounts
Jin Huang, Michael Sherraden and Li Zou, editors; Michal Grinstein-Weiss;  Proscovia Nabunya; Stephen P. Roll, Fred Ssewamala, contributors (Routledge, 2020)

In the first part of the volume, scholars highlight the core feature of “inclusiveness” of CDAs in Singapore, Israel, and the United States. In the second part, scholars report on CDA policies and projects in Taiwan, Uganda, Korea, and mainland China. The book shows how asset building can be effective in diverse cultural and social contexts, and will be of great interest to scholars of social work, policy, investment, and development, as well as financial inclusivity.

Multilevel Modeling, 2nd edition
Douglas Luke (Sage Publications, 2020)

A concise, practical guide to building models for multilevel and longitudinal data, it provides a rationale for multilevel models; outlines the basic approach to estimating and evaluating a two-level model; discusses the major extensions to mixed-effects models; and provides advice for where to go for instruction in more advanced techniques. Rich with examples, the Second Edition expands coverage of longitudinal methods, diagnostic procedures, models of counts, power analysis, cross-classified models, and adds a new section added on presenting modeling results.

Statistics with R: Solving Problems Using Real World Data
Jenine Harris (Sage Publications, 2020)

Drawing on examples from across the social and behavioral sciences, this book introduces upper-level undergraduates and first-year graduate students to statistics, research, and the R software through an exploration of the world’s “tricky problems” faced by the book’s characters. Inspired by the programming group “R Ladies,” the book’s “R Team” works together to master the skills of statistical analysis and data visualization to untangle real-world messy data using R.  This is the first student-friendly text to integrate foundational concepts with beginner-friendly R programming to guide students towards real-world application of statistical problems.

Rugged Individualism and the Misunderstanding of American Inequality
Mark Rank, co-author (Lehigh University Press, 2020)

This work explores and critiques the widespread perception in the United States that one’s success or failure in life is largely the result of personal choices and individual characteristics. As the authors show, the distinctively individualist ideology of American politics and culture shapes attitudes toward poverty and economic inequality in profound ways, fostering social policies that de-emphasize structural remedies. 

Toward a Livable Life: A 21st Century Agenda for Social Work
Mark Rank, editor; Contributors:  Wendy F. Auslander, Ana A. Baumann, Derek S. Brown, F. Brett Drake, Amy Eyler, Vanessa Fabbre, Patrick J. Fowler, Eleni Gaveras, Janelle Gibson, Michal Grinstein-Weiss, Jenine K. Harris, Darrell Hudson, Kim J. Johnson, Melissa Jonson-Reid, Shanti K. Khinduka, Patricia L. Kohl, Matthew W. Kreuter, Edward F. Lawlor, Carolyn Lesorogol, Gena Gunn McClenden, Mary M. McKay, Molly Metzger, Nancy Morrow-Howell, Sojung Park, David Patterson Silver Wolf, Mark Rank, Rodrigo Reis, Stephen Roll, Barry Rosenberg, Anna Shabsin, Joseph Steensma, Rachel G. Tabak, Vetta Sanders Thompson

 (Oxford University Press, 2020)

This volume explores many of today’s most critical issues facing America and the profession of social work. It features a wide range of leading social work scholars, brought together to explore and provide innovative solutions to these societal issues. Key topics include reducing health disparities; alleviating poverty; confronting discrimination; addressing inequality; building assets for lower income populations; preventing child maltreatment, fostering civic engagement; building healthy communities; achieving environmental justice; and engaging older adults.


Physical Activity and Public Health Practice
Amy Eyler, co-editor (Springer Publishing, 2019)

This is the first evidence-based, practical textbook to guide readers through the process of conceptualizing, justifying, implementing, and evaluating physical activity interventions across a broad array of settings and populations. Presented from both a research and a practice perspective while discussing the best available research, it provides the basis for planning and implementing physical activity programs that work and can build healthier communities. 

Grand Challenges for Society 2019
Tonya Edmond; Michal Grinstein-Weiss; Nancy Morrow-Howell; Mark R. Rank; Margaret Sherraden, contributors (NASW Press, 2019)

A primary resource for social work researchers, practitioners, policymakers, faculty, and students. Grand Challenges for Society not only provides the most up-to-date research, but also alerts the field to gaps in the literature that still need to be explored to achieve the aims of the Grand Challenges for Social Work.

Handbook of Health Social Work, 3rd edition
Wendy Auslander; Byron Powell, contributors (Wiley, 2019)       

Thoroughly revised and updated, the third edition is an authoritative text that offers a comprehensive review of the diverse field of health social work. With contributions from a panel of international experts in the field, the book is theory driven and solidly grounded in evidence-based practice. The contributors explore both the foundation of social work practice and offer guidance on effective strategies, policies, and program development.

Re-visioning Public Health Approaches for Protecting Children
Melissa Jonson-Reid, contributor (Springer Publishing, 2019)

A focused and comprehensive examination of how to prevent and respond to child maltreatment using evidence-informed public health approaches and programs that meet the needs of vulnerable children, struggling families and communities. Presenting the reader with an array of innovative services used in different institutional and community context, this volume confronts the complex challenges found in implementing successful prevention programs in diverse cultural and political environments.


Advancing the Science of Implementation across the Cancer Continuum
Peg Allen, Ross Brownson, Todd Combs, Douglas Luke, Byron Powell; Rachel Tabak, contributors (Oxford University Press, 2018)

An overview of research that can improve the delivery of evidence-based interventions in cancer prevention, early detection, treatment, and survivorship.  Both comprehensive and accessible, this book is an ideal resource for researchers, clinical and public health practitioners, medical and public health students, and health policymakers.

Social Work Practice with Survivors of Sex Trafficking and Commercial Sexual Exploitation Tonya Edmond, co-editor (Columbia University Press, 2018)

As awareness and identification of sex trafficking and exploitation have grown, so has the need for improved social work responses. In this volume, expert practitioners, survivors, and researchers model the best practices for working with this population, using case examples and illustrative guides. Intended as a teaching tool for students or a supplementary manual for organizations, this book emphasizes interventions and treatments, working with specific populations, programmatic design recommendations, preventative work, and outreach interventions.

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