PhD Graduates Share Next Steps in Their Careers

PhD; Public Health; Research; Social Work; Students

​Recent Brown School doctoral graduates are focused on a wide range of research areas including, race and education, nutrition and obesity, racial differences in older adult health and well-being, medical disparities, opioid use disorders, child and adolescent mental health, and more.

These graduates have published in peer-reviewed journals, and their scholarship has been recognized with multiple awards, fellowships and honors. We are so proud to recognize these scholars as they take the next steps in their careers. Learn more below.

May 2020 Graduates

Jacob Eaton: Senior Associate, Iris Group

Dissertation: “Pillars of the Nutrition Transition: The Impacts of Ultra-Processed Foods on Global Overweight and Obesity”

Lashawnda Fields: Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas at Fayetteville

Dissertation: “A Case Study of the Experiences of Black Female Faculty at Research Intensive Schools of Social Work”

Karishma Furtado:  Research and Data Analyst, Forward Through Ferguson

Dissertation: “Determinants, Outcomes, and Interventions of and on the School-Based Discipline Gap”

Roger Wong: Position Pending

Dissertation: “Lifestyle Behaviors and Racial Differences in Dementia”

Alexandra Morshed: Research Project Manager, Prevention Research Center in St. Louis

Dissertation: “Dismantling of Obesity-Related Policies”

Christina Drymon: Research Scientist (Public Health) of NORC at the University of Chicago

Dissertation: “Maintaining Natural Recovery from Prescription Opioid Use Disorder”

December 2019 Graduates

Richa Joshi: Position Pending

Dissertation: “Participatory Institutions of Forest Management in the Uttarakhand Hills of India: Processes of Emergence and Change”

Whitney Sewell: Research Fellow, Harvard University

Dissertation: “Individual and Social Network Factors Influencing PrEP Uptake Among Black Women”

August 2019 Graduates

Cole Hooley: Assistant Professor, Brigham Young University

Dissertation: “Scale-up of Child and Youth Mental Health Services: Assessing coverage of a county-wide initiative”

Yu-Chih Chen: Assistant Professor, Hong Kong University

Dissertation: “Trajectories and Patterns of Wealth in Later Life: Implications for Physical, Mental and Cognitive Health”

Marian Joan Stahlschmidt: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Denver

Dissertation: “Caseworker Turnover in Child Welfare Services: Problem or Symptom? A System Dynamics Approach”

Harry Chatters Taylor: Postdoctoral Scholar, Duke University

Dissertation: “Risk Factors for Loneliness and Social Isolation among Black Older Adults”