Brown School Student Experiences

The breadth and depth of experiences that our students have during their time at the Brown School are unparalleled. Read firsthand from some of our students.

Exploring Research Opportunities at the Brown School

​Many graduate students choose to engage in research during their time at the Brown School. I knew I was interested in securing a part-time research job during my own application process, even though I wasn’t certain if I would pursue research as a career. I figured that a research role would allow me to deepen my knowledge in my field of interest beyond coursework and prepare me to confront the field’s major challenges throughout micro, mezzo and macro practice. So, when I didn’t get accepted for an exciting fellowship I applied to with Dr. Lindsay Stark, I was a little disappointed. Her work around gender norms, violence prevention, and displaced populations was a major reason I was interested in attending...

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Finding Practica in Unlikely Places

​Growing up in Charleston, South Carolina taught me that there is history all around us — sometimes it just means you have to be creative in the ways that you look for it. There is history in the big, sprawling oak tree in the middle of a park. There is history in the indentations in the concrete sidewalks from children’s handprints. There is history in the stucco-covered brick buildings that line the streets of my hometown. Living in Charleston also taught me that learning history, at its core, is not about memorizing important dates, but rather seeking out the stories of other people, and connecting those stories to the formation of the world we live in today. As I got older,...

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