Students’ Elevator Pitches Score Home Runs

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Four students from the Brown School’s Social Entrepreneurship class won $250 prizes in the spring BIG IdeaBounce® competition sponsored by the Olin School of Business. The four entered with their first-ever, two-minute elevator pitches for new business ideas in a contest that was open to all WashU students. The class is taught by Heather Cameron, the Michael B. Kaufman Professor of Practice in Social Entrepreneurship. In addition to the Brown School victors, five undergraduates from her introductory entrepreneurship class won. Bukola Apata, MSW ’21, taught in Cameron’s classes and helped coach the students.

After contestants enter the BIG IdeaBounce®, they get personal feedback from a panel of business-experienced judges on both their business proposal and pitch video. Winners can receive up to $2,500 to fund their idea. The students’ success follows on that of Brown students who won in the previous competition.

The spring winners, with links to their pitches: