Brown School Presentations at APHA 2021

Alumni; Faculty; PhD; Public Health; Research; Students

Join Brown School presenters at this year’s hybrid American Public Health Association annual meeting and expo from October 24-27, 2021 in Denver, CO. This year’s theme is “Strengthening Social Connectedness.”

Online meetings and poster sessions began on October 18. Find sessions and presenters at Brown School presenters are listed below; please note that all presentations are listed in Mountain Time (MT).

Thursday, October 21

​11:00 AM-
12:30 PM
Matthew Ellis
Zachary Kasper
Low Recency and Gaps in HIV Testing Among Treatment-Seeking Opioid Users: Associated Behaviors and Implications for HIV Prevention
​​12:30-2:00 PM​Ross C. BrownsonAn Assessment of Administrative Evidence-Based Practices at the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO)
​12:30-2:00 PM​Tess Thompson
Ebuwa Evbuoma
Rachel Garg
Amy McQueen
Charlene Caburnay
Matthew Kreuter
​Psychosocial Correlates of Total Home Smoking Ban Among Low-Income Smokers
​3:30-5:00 PM​Jeremy Goldbach​Sexual Identity Change, Identity Management Stress and Depression Among a National Sample of Sexual Minority Adolescents
3:30-5:00 PM​Louise Farah Saliba
Sarah Moreland-Russell
Eliot Jost
Jessica Gannon
​Perceived Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Tobacco Control Programs and the Need for Technical Assistance to Navigate These Times

Friday, October 22

​8:30-10:00 AM​Rodrigo Reis​Exploration of the Multidimensionality of Livability: A Formative Analysis of Newly Created Statewide Composite Measure in Connecticut
​10:00-11:30 AM​Rachel Garg
Balaji Golla
Matthew Kreuter
​Community 2-1-1 Helplines Reach Populations Vulnerable to COVID-19
11:30-1:00 PM​Louise Farah Saliba
Sarah Moreland-Russell
Emily Weno
Romario Smith
Margaret Padek
Ross Brownson
Leading the Way: Qualities of Public Health Leaders That May Prevent Mis-Implementation
​11:30-1:00 PM​Daniela Tuda
Mark Hawes
Xiaoyan Wang
Shenyang Guo
Leopoldo J. Cabassa
Predictors of Attendance in Peer-Led Healthy Lifestyle Intervention for People with Serious Mental Illness Living in Supportive Housing
​11:30-1:00 PM​Matthew Ellis
Zachary Kasper
Theodore Cicero
​Perceptions of Opioid Overdose Risk Among Unique Populations: Results from the Naloxone Awareness and Perceptions in Opioid Populations (NAPOP) Study
​1:00-2:30 PM​Tyler Frank
Jason Jabbari
Dan Ferris
Michael Grinstein-Weiss
Mental Health and Academic Difficulties During COVID-19: A Structural Equation Model
1:00-2:30 PMKevin Xu
Ned Presnall
Carrie Mintz
Laura Bierut
Richard Grucza
Comparative Analysis of Buprenorphine and Non-Fatal Overdose Outcomes by Provider Specialty Type

Sunday, October 24

​9:00-9:15 AM​Kimberly JohnsonIntroduction to R Statistical Software for Public Health Part 1
​9:15-9:30 AMJenine HarrisIntroduction to R Statistical Software for Public Health Part 2

Monday, October 25

​2:00-2:15 PM​Tess Thompson
Amy McQueen
Enguday Teshome
Matthew Kreuter
COVID-19 Related Life Changes and Health Service Use Among Parents/Guardians of Child Medicaid Beneficiaries
​4:00-4:15 PMPhionah Namatovu
Joshua Kiyingi
Josephine Nabayinda
Ozge Sensoy Bahar
Mary McKay
Fred Ssewamala
A Multiple Family Group-Based Intervention (SMART-Africa( to Promote Child and Adolescent Mental Health in Uganda: A Costing Study
​4:15-4:30 PMMatthew Ellis
Zachary Kasper
Theodore Cicero
Increases in Kratom Use Among Individuals with Opioid Use Disorder

Tuesday, October 26

​11:15-11:30 AM​Deborah SalvoSociodemographic Factors Associated with Economic-, Food Security- and Health-Related Concerns During COVID-19 Among Adults From Low-Income, Majority-Minority Urban Areas
​12:30-1:45 PM​Anne Trolard
Kimberly Johnson
Employer Policies to Prevent Transmission of COVID-19 Differed by Industry, Income, and Race: A County-Level General Population Survey
​2:15-2:30 PM​Kim Johnson
Anne Trolard
Challenges of Conducting a Population-Based Survey with Subsequent COVID-19 Testing During a Pandemic
​3:00-3:15 PM​Avery FredmanIntent to Vaccinate Children Against COVID-19: The Intersection of Trust and Geography
​4:15-4:30 PM​Sean Joe
Amy McQueen
Kathleen Bucholz
Exposure to Perceived Racism-Based Police Violence, Race-Based Trauma, and Substance Use Among Black Emerging Adult Men and Women

Wednesday, October 27

​12:30-1:45 PM​Emily PageFamily-Supportive Supervisor Behaviors and Exposure to COVID-19 Predicted Mental Health and Well-Being Among Both Clinical and Non-Clinical Workers
2:00-3:30 PMAlan BeckPhysical Activity and Disability – Virtual

Thursday, October 28

​8:30-8:45 AM​Mary McKayChanges in Perceived Priorities and Influences on State Mental Health Agendas for Children and Adolescents During the COVID-19 Pandemic
​8:45-9:00 AM​Kimberly Johnson
Anne Trolard
Assessment of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Healthcare Services Use
​9:00-9:15 AM​Eric WiedenmanThe Role of Sport Participation on Exercise Self-Efficacy, Psychological Need Satisfaction, and Resilience
​12:30-12:45 PM​Tyler Frank
Stephen Roll
Jason Jabbari
Kourtney Gilbert
Sydney Rothman
Laura McDermott
Dan Ferris
Sarah Moreland-Russell
 Ashley Byrd
Sam Hsu
Fresh RX: An innovative, Evidence-Based Nutritional Intervention in Underserved Communities
​12:30-12:45 PM​JaNiene PeoplesAddressing Comorbid Mental Health Symptoms and Opioid Misuse Patterns Among Opioid Use Disorder Patients in Recovery
​1:00-1:15 PM​Alan Beck
Natalicio Serrano
Audrey Toler
Ross Brownson
Individual and Environmental Correlates of Domain-Specific Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity Levels in Rural Residents