Brown School Alum and DACA Recipient Highlighted in White House Video

Alumni; Social Work

Areli Munoz-Reyes, a May 2023 graduate of the Brown School, is one of four DREAMers highlighted in a White House video commemorating the 11th anniversary of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. The program protects eligible immigrant youth who came to the United States when they were children from deportation.

In the video posted to the White House Twitter feed, Munoz-Reyes, MSW ’23, recalls the moment DACA was announced.

“We saw that the president was announcing this program and we were really happy, but at the same time we were kind of scared because we didn’t know what that meant for us,” she says in the video.

Furthermore, she adds, “I am really proud to say that I am a first-generation student and I couldn’t have done that without DACA.”

The DACA program protects more than 800,000 people. In the tweet thread, President Joe Biden calls on Congress to pass legislation to permanently protect DACA recipients.

Last year, Munoz-Reyes shared with the Brown School her educational journey and her efforts to elevate the voice of the undocumented immigrant community. Read the article.