Recent Brown School Alumna Wins ‘Realest Person on Earth’ Contest

Alumni; Social Work

Alexandra Fenton, a recent Master of Social Work alumna of the Brown School, has clinched the title of “Realest Person on Earth.” 

For a lot of people, it doesn’t get more real than a visit to the gynecologist; the sterile exam room, the paper gown, awkward small talk, and legs in stirrups. Fenton captured a moment of unfiltered authenticity during a pap smear and submitted it to BeReal’s global “Realest Person on Earth” competition. The photo sharing app lets users post a photo of themselves and their surroundings during a randomly selected two-minute window every day. For the competition, it challenged users to share their “WILDEST, RAWEST, MOST EMBARRASSING, UNHINGED, BeReal” moments. 

Explaining her submission choice, Fenton said: “I’d say that the photo that I submitted was my funniest, most unhinged ‘bereal’ that I have taken so it just made sense to send in that one. I am getting a pap smear in the photo,” she explained. 

BeReal launched the competition on Oct. 4. With over two million submissions worldwide, Fenton stood out among the 50 finalists, ultimately securing the votes needed to win. 

It’s been a whirlwind period for Fenton, who graduated from the Brown School with a Master of Social Work degree on Dec. 9, just a week after winning the competition on Nov. 30. Following graduation, she relocated to her hometown of Des Moines, Iowa, to be closer to family and friends. Currently, she’s preparing for her licensure exam and involved with a suicide and crisis hotline.  

Reflecting on her time at the Brown School, Fenton expressed gratitude for the connections made and highlighted a particularly memorable class. 

“One of my favorite parts of being at the Brown School was my class with Dalychia Saah, assistant professor of practice, where we led classes and developed sex ed curriculum for adults. I had an early morning section, so I got to communicate with people from all over the world. I’m also very grateful for the friends and connections that I have made,” Fenton said.  

A dedicated BeReal user, Fenton regularly shares daily glimpses of her life on the platform. As the “Realest Person on Earth,” she has won a $15,000 vacation to any destination in the world, BeReal swag, and the honor of having her winning submission displayed in iconic locations including New York’s Times Square. She also has the privilege of choosing BeReal’s notification time for a day. She’s considering picking her birthday for this special occasion. 

As she contemplates her vacation options, she finds herself torn between the allure of a Mediterranean cruise and the enchantment of the Galapagos Islands. Did we mention she gets to bring along three friends.