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​Social Work Licensure Determinations

State social work licensing standards vary by state.  

Some states only require the completion of an MSW degree from a CSWE accredited program to be eligible for social work licensure in that state. These states have a Brown School "positive determination" — as seen in the table below.  

Other states require specific curricular paths (a mixture of courses), explicit course content, and/or other state-specific requirements.  States that require explicit content or additional requirements have a Brown School "negative determination” —as seen in the table below.

A “negative determination” does not mean that your Brown School program prevents social work license eligibility in your state. This designation simply means that there are additional requirements, specific content, and/or state-specific requirements that you must meet in order to be eligible for licensure, if you choose to pursue it.

This document provides information on additional requirements from each state with a negative determination.  If you have questions, please contact to set up a time to speak with our MSW program office. 

​STATES WITH Positive Determination

​STATES WITH Negative Determination 

*Negative determination unless Mental Health concentration

**Positive determination for LMSW; Negative determination for LCSW unless Mental Health concentration












​New Jersey*


​New Mexico


​New York**


​South Carolina




















​New Hampshire

​North Carolina

​North Dakota





​Rhode Island

​South Dakota



​West Virginia