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MSP Application Information for Current Brown School Students

Students currently enrolled in the Brown School's MSW or MPH programs can apply to complete an MSW/MSP or MPH/MSP dual-degree. 

The MSP program is completed in one additional year of study at the Brown School. Current Brown School students wishing to pursue the MSP dual-degree can complete the MSP application during their first or second year of study in their primary degree program.

Students applying in their first year of study will complete the MSP program in their second year, then return to their primary degree program during their third year. 

Students applying in the second year will complete coursework requirements for their primary degree of study, then complete the MSP program in their third and final year. 

Current Brown School students applying to the MSP dual-degree program must submit the following documentation as part of their application:

Brown School Academic Transcript

Upload your unofficial transcript from your Brown School coursework. You can obtain an unofficial transcript from WebSTAC.

You'll upload your unofficial transcript after you submit your application. Once your application is submitted, log into your Admissions portal, click into the "Application Summary"section, and follow instructions to upload your transcript.

$50 Non-Refundable Application Fee

The application fee can be paid by credit card in the online application. (Visa, MasterCard and Discover are accepted.)

MSP application fee waivers are available for applicants meeting specific criteria: Active duty, reservist or veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces; applicant of American Indian or Alaska Native descent; member of national service volunteer service-based agency or organization; member of academic pipeline to post-baccalaureate outreach program; applicants with demonstrated financial hardship.

If you are eligible to request an application fee waiver, please download the MSP Application Fee Waiver Request Form and gather required supporting documentation. You'll upload your completed form in the Certification & Fee Waiver section of the application.

Personal Statement

Submit a short essay (approximately 500 words) that discusses significant factors influencing your decision to pursue the Master of Social Policy dual-degree. Your statement should speak to your specific interests in social policy and include any rewarding or challenging experiences involving social welfare policy and/or advocacy. Include how this degree will amplify your professional work.

Faculty Reference

Submit a recommendation from a current Brown School faculty member who can speak to your academic performance and potential for success in the MSP program.

Resume or CV

Submit a comprehensive resume or curriculum vitae highlighting your experiences, skills, awards and accomplishments.

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