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MSW Applicants with Advanced Standing Status

Second-year Brown School MSW students with advanced standing status have a modified application and program timeline.

Advanced Standing MSW students are encouraged to apply in their first year to begin the MSP program in the fall of their second year.

Students who decide to apply in their final semester following the completion of all MSW program requirements should follow the below Application Timeline for Second-Year MSW Applicants with Advanced Standing Status:

October 1: Deadline to submit all required applications, including faculty reference
October 15: Decision notifications received
November 15: Deadline to submit intent to enroll and non-refundable program deposit

Curriculum Timeline for MSP Students with Advanced Standing Status

Most MSP dual-degree students complete their MSP program requirements during their second year at the Brown School. Students who add MSP on at the end of their MSW Advanced Standing program complete 31 credit hours over the spring, summer and fall semester—typically dedicating the summer semester to completing the MSP internship. Students are encouraged to work with their academic advisor and the MSP program staff to identify a program approach that meets your academic and professional goals.