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3-2 MSW Program Applicants

The 3-2 program allows Washington University undergraduate students in the College of Arts & Sciences to earn an undergraduate degree and an MSW in a total of five years.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Applicants must complete all distribution and major requirements by the end of junior year.
  • Applicants must have elective credits available to be used as MSW course credit during senior year (first year of the MSW program).
  • Applicants must complete the Certification for 3-2 Program Eligibility form to include signatures from their undergraduate advisor(s) and Jennifer Romney, Associate Dean in the College of Arts and Sciences; this form must be submitted with the MSW application.
  • Applicants should apply early in the spring of their junior year so that fall coursework can be considered. Unofficial transcripts must include completed fall semester coursework. Applications should be submitted by March 1 of junior year.

Additionally, please make special note of the following designation instructions for the 3-2 MSW application:

  • On the APPLICANT INFORMATION page: Where asked "What is your affiliation with Washington University in St. Louis?", please select Current WashU undergraduate student.
  • On the PROGRAM INFORMATION page: Where asked "Intended Level of Study," please select Bachelor's/Master's.

Apply to the 3-2 MSW program here.

For additional information about the 3-2 MSW program, click here.