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MSW Graduate Credit Transfer Applicants

The Brown School welcomes applications from students wishing to transfer from another graduate institution, subject to our policies for credit earned prior to enrollment.

Eligibility Requirements:

Master of Social Work program applicants who have completed graduate-level coursework may request to have previous coursework evaluated to transfer a maximum of nine (9) credit hours towards MSW program requirements.

Courses completed in  an MSW program regionally accredited by CSWE may be considered for credit towards either foundation or elective course requirements. Courses completed in a related discipline will be considered for credit towards elective course requirements only.

Courses are evaluated independently, and must meet the following criteria to be considered for transfer credit:

  • Course must have been taken at the graduate-level in an accredited school or program.
  • Course must have been taken within six years prior to matriculation at the Brown School.
  • Course must not have been used towards completion of another graduate degree.
  • Student must have received a minimum course grade of “B” (3.0 on a 4.0 scale; official transcript required).
  • Student must be able to provide a copy of the course description and course syllabus.
  • Courses taken online are not eligible for transfer credit.
  • Courses taken at an international institution are not eligible for transfer credit.
  • The Brown School does not give academic credit for life or work experience in lieu of course or practica requirements.

Transfer of Credits:

Applicants interested in receiving graduate transfer credit must contact the Brown School Office of Admissions & Recruitment in order to initiate the transfer credit evaluation process. Applicants are encouraged to reach out early in their application process.

Courses are evaluated by the MSW Program Office and the Associate Dean for Social Work. The student will be notified via email from the Brown School Registrar of the outcome of the transfer credit evaluation. Transfer credits will be reflected on the student’s Brown School academic transcript.

Students who transfer in the full nine credit hours are not eligible to pursue elective credits outside of the Brown School (e.g. at Washington University’s School of Business or Graduate School of Arts & Sciences) during their enrollment.

Students receiving nine (9) hours of transfer credit for foundation courses are required to take S15-5999: Evidence Based Practice Skills for BSW Graduates (regardless of undergraduate degree) to supplement pre-existing social work knowledge and skills with specific content related to evidence-based practice.