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PhD Student Publication Highlights

Doctoral students at the Brown School publish widely in peer-reviewed journals. The following listing is a selection of 2017 publications in which our doctoral students are first authors. Links to the students’ academic websites are included when possible.

Chiang, C. J., Jonson-Reid, M., Kim, H., Drake, B., Pons, L., Kohl, P., & Auslander, W. (2018). Service engagement and retention: Lessons from the Early Childhood Connections Program. Children and Youth Services Review, 88, 114-127.

Furtado, K. S., Budd, E.L., Ying, X., deRuyter, A., Armstrong, R., Pettman, T., Reis, R., Sung-Chan, P., Wang, Z., Saunders, T., Becker, L., Shi, J., Mui, T., & Brownson, R.C. (2018). Exploring political influences on evidence-based chronic disease prevention across four countries. Health Education Research, Jan: 33(2): 89-103.

Huseynli, A. (2018). Implementation of deinstitutionalization of child care institutions in post-soviet countries: the case of Azerbaijan. Child abuse & neglect, 76, 160-172.

Marcal, K. E. (2018). The impact of housing instability on child maltreatment. Journal of Family Social Work, 21, 331–347.

Marcal, K. E. (2018). Timing of housing crises: Impacts on maternal depression. Social Work in Mental Health, 16, 266–283.

McLaughlin, M., & Rank, M. R. (2018). Estimating the economic cost of childhood poverty in the United States. Social Work Research, 42, 73–83.

McLaughlin, M., & Rank, M. R. (2018). Impact of federal transfers upon US infant mortality rates: a secondary analysis using a fixed effects regression approach. BMJ Open, 8.

McLaughlin, M. (2018). The relationship between cigarette taxes and child maltreatment. Child Abuse & Neglect, 79, 339–349.

Morshed, A. B., Ballew, P., Elliott, M. B., Haire-Joshu, D., Kreuter, M. W., & Brownson, R. C. (2017). Evaluation of an online training for improving self-reported evidence-based decision-making skills in cancer control among public health professionals. Public Health, 152, 28–35.

Motley, R., Joe, S. (2018). Police use of force by ethnicity, sex, and socioeconomic class. Journal of the Society for Social Work and Research, 9:1, 49-67.

Serrano, N., Perez, L. G., Carlson, J., Patrick, K., Kerr, J., Holub, C., & Arredondo, E. M. (2018). Sub-population differences in the relationship between the neighborhood environment and Latinas’ daily walking and vehicle time. Journal of Transport & Health, 8, 210–219.

Wang, X., Steensma, J. T., Bailey, M. H., Feng, Q., Padda, H., & Johnson, K. J. (2018). Characteristics of The Cancer Genome Atlas cases relative to U.S. general population cancer cases. British Journal of Cancer, 1.

Wong, R., Gable, L., & Rivera-Núñez, Z. (2018). Perceived benefits of participation and risks of soil contamination in St. Louis urban community gardens. Journal of Community Health, 43(3), 604-610.