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Post-Graduation Resources

Once you’ve earned your diploma, your access to some student resources will change. Consult the chart below to prepare for this transition.

Please note: If you need to request a copy of your transcript or diploma, you will need to contact the university registrar.

Will I retain access after graduation?​

​In-Person Library Resources and Services

Yes. Alumni are allowed to access our professional reference librarian services as well as visit the library

If you bring a Wi-Fi-accessible device, you can access our online collection while visiting campus.

​Online Library Resources

No. You will not be able to access institutionally subscribed databases or licensed content like full-test articles or eBooks. We have guidance regarding freely available online resources and encourage you to familiarize yourself with your public library. Give them a chance. You may be surprised at how much they have to offer.

Brown School computer access

No. This access is lost within 24 hours of graduation.

Inside Brown

No. Alumni do not have access to Inside Brown.

Office 365

No. With the exception of email, all other Office 365 services (OneDrive, Microsoft Office apps, etc.) are lost within 24 hours of graduation.


Ultimately, no. You have 90 days to transition your WUSTL Box account (unlimited storage) to a personal Box account (50 GB limit).

If no action is taken, your WUSTL Box account will be deactivated and deleted 90 days after graduation. Learn more about transitioning your WUSTL Box account.


​No. Your WUSTL Zoom license will expire within 24 hours after graduation. You will still be able to join meetings but not schedule or host them. 


No. Archive files of student data (assignments/submissions and gradebook) will be available upon request. This is typically used for writing student references or resolving grade disputes. Archive retrieval requests may take 2-3 business days to complete.

Visit for more information.

Email address

Yes. Alumni get to keep their email address and email account as long as they care to use it. Learn more about alumni email access.

If you will transition to using a different email address post-graduation, please help us stay in touch with you: update your address and information.


Yes. You can keep using your existing Handshake account.


Yes. Your WUSTL Key remains active after you graduate.

Washington University wireless network

Yes. You will still be able to access wustl-2.0. Learn more about wireless networks.

Brown School alumni are welcome to continue using a number of services, including Career Services and library resources. Learn about additional opportunities for Brown School alumni.