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CMHSR Seminar: Leveraging social media to help individuals with opioid use disorder

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Goldfarb 124

Individuals struggling with addiction often are difficult to reach if they are not linked to care; social media can bridge this gap. In this presentation, Dr. Cavazos-Rehg will explore the use of social media (i.e. Reddit) to learn more about individuals who misuse opioids, and investigate how this platform could be used to connect those who are non-treatment to care. She will also report the results of the pilot test of our “uMAT-R” mobile app, designed to educate individuals with opioid use disorder about medication-assisted treatment options.

This seminar is hosted  by the Center for Mental Health Services Research. 

Parking on the Danforth Campus is limited due to construction. To plan your route, please consult our directions and campus map. Learn more:

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