Open Classroom | Is Professionalism a Racist Construct? | Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis
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Open Classroom | Is Professionalism a Racist Construct?

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Presented by:
Jewel D. Stafford, MSW
Assistant Dean for Field Education
Teaching Professor, Brown School

Cynthia D. Williams, MSW, LCSW
Assistant Dean for Community Partnerships, Brown School

The term “professionalism” has at times been used to silence and marginalize people of color, when attributes of appearance, language, or interactions that have nothing to do with job knowledge or constructive collegial relationships are labeled as “unprofessional”. In this context, so-called professionalism is coded language, a construct that upholds institutional racist policies and excluding practices.

This presentation will explore dismantling white supremacy and privilege in varied contexts while upholding social justice and advancing effective workplaces in which all contributors can bring their full selves to the job site.

This presentation is part of the Brown School's recognition of Black History Month.