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Timothy McBride

PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Timothy McBride

Phone: 314-935-4356


Research interests:

Health policy

Health economics

Health insurance

Medicare  and Medicaid policy

Rural health care

Health reform

Social Security and pensions

State health policy


Professor McBride is an influential health policy analyst and leading health economist shaping the national agenda in rural health care, health insurance, and health reform, Medicare and Medicaid policy, health economics, and access to health care. He is currently studying the implementation of health reform at the state and national levels, the uninsured, Medicare Advantage, and long-term entitlement reform.
In addition to his scholarly publications in leading journals, he has produced a recent book called Transdisciplinary Public Health: Education, Research and Practice (co-edited with Debra Haire-Joshu), as well as a collection of reports, white papers, and other policy products that have had an important impact on the national policy debate.

Professor McBride has been active in testifying before Congress and consulting with important policy constituents on health reform, Medicare, Medicaid and rural health policy. He is a member of the Rural Policy Research Institute (RUPRI) Health Panel that provides expert advice on rural health issues to the U.S. Congress and other policymakers.

Dr. McBride serves as a member of several national committees and Boards, including such professional organizations as the Methods Council for Academy Health, the International Health Economics Association (iHEA), and the American Society of Health Economists (ASHE).  He currently Chairs the state of Missouri’s MOHealthNET Oversight Committee, which serves in advisory role for the state’s Medicaid program.



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