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Understand Your Financial Aid Resources

Tuition & Fees Worksheet

The worksheets below reflect tuition for 2018-2019. Updated worksheets will be available in February 2019. Select your program to calculate your estimated tuition and fee expenses by semester. These worksheets are designed to provide an estimate of your semester tuition after the disbursement of any scholarship awards and/or federal loans; official tuition balances will be available upon enrollment into the Brown School. Microsoft Excel is required to open these worksheets.

Contacting the Office of Financial Aid

 Katie Noonan, Assistant Director of Financial Aid, to discuss your unique financial situation. Katie can help field questions about tuition and fees, student loans, FAFSA and preparing your budget for graduate school.

Cost of Living

St. Louis is consistently recognized for its affordability and low cost of living. Students coming to St. Louis from metropolitan areas across the country are often surprised to find the cost of housing, utilities, transportation and groceries throughout the city. This Cost of Living calculator serves as a helpful tool in understanding the cost-of-living index in St. Louis relative to other cities.

Aid Award Guide

An aid award guide will be available in February 2019. The guide will outline important deadlines and information for navigating various types of aid awards. Plan to review this guide carefully and proceed according to deadlines outlined within the document.

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