Virtual Admitted Students Week | Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis
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Virtual Admitted Students Week 

Held April 5 - 9, 2021

Thank you to those of use who joined us for Virtual Admitted Students Week! Each day, we focused on a different aspect of our programs and community, with engaging live panel discussions or lectures---as well as recommended recorded content to watch at your convenience. 

You can see our session schedule (which now links to recorded content) and prerecorded content suggestions below.  Find the full Admitted Student Week recorded playlist

Schedule of Live Sessions for the Week


12 - 1 pm: From Clinical to Policy Practice 

Facilitated by Dean Mary McKay, this panel invited a range of faculty to explore how we prepare students to engage in practice or policy on micro, mezzo and macro scales.

Panelists include:

2 - 3 pm: Our Transdisciplinary Strength in Public Health 

Facilitated by Senior Lecturer and Associate Dean for Public Health Angela Hobson, faculty and students highlights some of the Brown School’s signature Transdisciplinary Problem Solving courses, as well as why complex public health issues require broad multi-disciplinary thinking and solutions. 

Panelists include: 

  • Assistant Professor of Practice Ellis Ballard
  • Michael B. Kaufman Professor of Practice in Social Entrepreneurship Heather Cameron
  • Assistant Professor of Practice and Assistant Dean for Social Policy Dan Ferris
  • Associate Professor Darrell Hudson
  • Professor and Associate Dean for Public Health Rodrigo Reis
  • Assistant Professor Deborah Salvo
  • Maria Gandarilla Ocampo, current PhD student in Social Work and Teaching Assistant
  • Qais Dirar, MPH Candidate '21
  • Sarah Kang, MPH Candidate '21

5 - 6 pm: A Deeper Look at MSW Advanced Standing 

Our MSW advanced-standing students have an expedited timeline for coursework and practicum. Learn more about special considerations for joining the cohort. This session is facilitated by Assistant Professor of Practice and Social Work Foundations Chair Lorien Carter, and includes MSW Program Coordinator Chloé Risto, Lecturer Alison Rico and Teaching Professor Barbara Levin 

Additional prerecorded content for Monday:

MPH Specialization Overviews:


9 - 10 am: Moving to St. Louis: Panel with Current Students

Curious about ...  The neighborhoods to live in? How to score an affordable apartment? Whether you need a car? The restaurants you have to try? This student panel---facilitated by MSW/MPH student and San Antonio native Alli Gillespie---is for you.  

 Panelists include:

  • Hannah Brumbaum, MSW/MSP student from the Bay Area, California 
  • Xandi Barrett, MSW student from Baltimore, Maryland
  • Polly Haun, MPH student from Kansas City, Missouri
  • Ugbaad Ali, MPH student from Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Zee Hyams, MSW student from New Jersey and New York
  • Erik Strange, MSW student from St. Louis, Missouri
  • Emmanuel Owusu Amoako, MSW student from Ghana

2 - 3 pm:  Living and Learning in St. Louis: A Conversation With Leaders in Community Partnership

Join the Brown School's Assistant Dean of Community Partnerships Cynthia Williams to learn about the diversity and dynamism of St. Louis, as well as the deep historic divides that exist both racially and economically. All of these factors provide unique learning opportunities for our social work, public health and social policy students.  Additional panelists include Stefani Weeden-Smith, Assistant Director for Community Engagement at the Washington University Gephardt Institute for Civic and Community Engagement, and Carolyn Cosgrove-Payne, the Community Engagement Coordinator for the university's Environmental Studies program.

5 - 6 pm: Discovering the “Humans of St. Louis,” with MSW/MPH '16 Alumna Lindy Drew

During her time at the Brown School, Lindy Drew, an avid photographer, co-founded the Facebook page Humans of St. Louis (HOSTL) as a way to get to know St. Louis by engaging with its everyday people. She produces compelling visual stories that represent larger community conversations and regional development taking place in St. Louis. She presents about her work and how she engages in storytelling using a social work and public health lens.

Additional prerecorded content for Tuesday: 


9 - 10 am: Our Faculty: Passion, Purpose and Finding Your Path

Engage with select members of our faculty as they explore the passion that drives their work and research, why they chose the Brown School, and the advice they have for incoming students. Facilitated by Josh Walehwa, Director of Career Services, and panelists include: 

12 - 1 pm: Addressing Institutional Racism with Professor Jack Kirkland

"What I teach is to how to change our thought processes in order to be able to walk in different cultures, and to deal with the African American urban struggle." Professor Jack Kirkland has been teaching at Washington University for five decades and co-founded the university's Black Studies program. He discusses creating engines of accountability in addressing institutional racism, as well as his East St. Louis immersion course, practica and post-grad opportunities available to students interested in this work.  

2 - 3 pm: Engaging Communities in Systems Design: A Discussion with the Social System Design Lab

Join faculty and staff of the Social System Design Lab (SSDL) to learn about applications of Community-Based System Dynamics modeling in St. Louis and around the world. The session, led by SSDL Director Ellis Ballard and featuring Program Coordinator Allie Farrell, highlights the work of the SSDL and closes with opportunities to integrate system dynamics learning into your coursework in social work, public health, and social policy.

Additional prerecorded Faculty content for Wednesday:

Open Classroom Lectures: We have a variety of timely lectures from our Faculty, staff and community members through our online webinar initiative, Open Classroom. Some recommended sessions taught by our faculty: 

 Research Content 


9 - 10 am: Student Coffee Hour  (Not recorded)

Start the day with conversation with current students and your future classmates. Breakout rooms that relate to our  student affinity groups and shared interests and identities will be available. 

12 - 1 pm: Supporting Our Students, with Academic and Student Affairs

Learn more about the Brown School's student services and supports, including academic advising, the Student Coordinating Council, the Peer Mentoring Program, and Career Services. Students who have engaged with these services provide their perspectives. The session is facilitated by Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs Danielle Bristow. Panelists include:

  • Assistant Dean, Chief of Staff and Academic Advisor Jacque Martinez Pullen, with student Kevin Casey
  • Assistant Director for Student Engagement Da'Shaun Scott, with students Vivian Talamantes and Jada Loro
  • Academic and Student Affairs Coordinator Miriam Joelson,  with student Mara McKown
  • Director of Career Services Josh Walehwa, with alumnus Edwin Zuluaga and student Carly Shapiro

5- 6 pm: Self-Care is Not Selfish

Join Associate Professor of Practice Lorien Carter in learning how to establish self-care habits---an important part of preparing graduate students for their professional careers. Professionals who engage in self-care routines are less likely to experience decreased job satisfaction and burnout. This experiential workshop defines the domains of personal self-care and introduces participants to a variety of evidence-based strategies for practicing self-care including: mindfulness meditation, gratitude journaling, physical movement, self-compassion and adult coloring.  

Suggested prerecorded content for Thursday


9 - 10 am: In Conversation with the Dean

In an open-ended discussion, Dean Mary McKay shares what brought her to the Brown School, and where she sees the fields of social work, public health and social policy headed in the future. 

10 - 2 pm: Virtual Office Hours

The remainder of the day was reserved for virtual “Office Hours” with some of our key administrators and departments, so participants could get any lingering questions answered.


We are launching a new virtual tour software during Admitted Students Week that will allow you to take a guided virtual tour with one of our Student Ambassadors! Using GPS mapping technology, you will get an overview of the entire WashU campus, zoom in on our Brown School buildings and classrooms, peek at popular spots on the Danforth Campus, as well as some of the St. Louis neighborhoods in which our students choose to live. Space is limited for the week's tours, and an additional registration is required.  Find the available tour times and register here.  (NOTES: Tour is best viewed on a laptop or desktop, and requires a camera and microphone. Scheduled tour times do not conflict with ASW live sessions.)