5 Reasons to Come to Admitted Students Weekend | Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis
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5 Reasons to Come to Admitted Students Weekend

In a month, Admitted Students Weekend will give admitted students the opportunity to come to the Brown School to learn more about their programs, the School's resources for students, and the things they can accomplish as a Brown School student. While there are many things to be learned when visiting our school, here's a quick list of five reasons why I think you should come to Admitted Students Weekend at the Brown School!

1. You get to meet your cohort of future change makers!

Admitted Students Weekend provides several opportunities to connect with other incoming Brown School students, including learning about their passions and their reasons for coming to the Brown School,  while creating lasting connections. This is a great time to meet the people you've connected with in the Admitted Students Facebook group, as well. You'll also have a chance to connect with current students and alumni of the program, as well. Speaking from personal experience, I have stayed good friends with everyone I met at Admitted Students Weekend, and I even found one of my roommates! 

2. You get a taste of what life is like in St. Louis!

With our scheduled night out on the Loop, admitted students can catch a glimpse into the many things there are to do in the St. Louis area! Located just under a mile north of campus, the Delmar Loop offers various amenities and experiences to partake in. There are shops, street performers, dining, nightlife, and concert venues along this short stretch, ensuring there is always something to do. During Admitted Students Weekend, people also take the opportunity to look at housing options for their upcoming move to St. Louis! Learn more about housing in St. Louis by checking out our Housing Resources for more details.

3. Tour of the Brown School and Washington University at large!

This is an opportunity to learn more about the Brown School and Washington University at large while taking a tour of our campus. You'll learn about the amenities, resources, and fun facts about the Danforth campus while having the opportunity to ask any questions you might have along the way. This is a good time to revel in how much our campus looks like Hogwarts, and if you're not a Harry Potter fan like I am, you'll revel in its beauty anyway!

4. You get to meet faculty that you will study with!

One of my favorite activities from Admitted Students Weekend last year were the sample faculty lectures. You'll have the chance to pick from one of several topics on research, practice and policy, allowing you to experience what a class is like at the Brown School! Bring a paper and pen, because I'm sure you'll want to take notes – I remember furiously scribbling down all things to know about refugee resettlement patterns and impacts of disaster to mental health while listening to Associate Professor Jean-Francois Trani, and most of my peers really enjoyed their lectures they attended. Don't miss out!

5. You'll learn more about field education, your program curriculum, and the many supports and resources you have at the Brown School!

Some of the most pertinent information will be presented in a few of the sessions you'll view during the weekend. With conversations covering practicum experiences presented by the Office of Field Education and discussing the nitty-gritty of Financial Aid, these sessions offer insight to the logistics of being a Brown School student. Again, you'll want to bring a pen and paper for this, and if your questions aren't answered, it is very easy to connect with these resources as an admitted student. Just ask someone in a black Brown School shirt, and we'll be more than happy to help!

While there are a plethora of reasons to come to Admitted Students Weekend, I think that the biggest reason is to begin to find your home within our community. Remember to register with us by checking out our Admitted Student Weekend website, and feel free to read an alumni's perspective on why you should come to Admitted Student's Weekend