Housing 101 | Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis
Jill Conway
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Housing 101

So the decision has finally been made and you’re coming to Washington University in the fall to start one of the top social work programs in the country! Congratulations! 

Now it comes to planning and preparing for your transition to St. Louis and to graduate school, which can be exciting at times (but also a bit scary/overwhelming/confusing, too). But luckily, you have the Brown School community to lean on and everything is going to come together before you make the shift. 

 Lately two of the most common questions I have heard from prospective students are: 

 1) Which neighborhood should I live in? 

 2) How do I find roommates? 

St. Louis has so many fun neighborhoods that Brown School students live in and each community has a different flavor. One of the most popular neighborhoods that students choose to live in is the Central West End (CWE). The CWE is close to Forest Park and is filled with a variety of bars and restaurants. The CWE is pretty centrally located in St. Louis, is home to Washington University’s School of Medicine and Medical Campus, and students can take public transportation or bike through Forest Park to get to the Brown School. 

Students who want to live close to school often live in The Loop. The Loop has been named one of the best streets in America and is full of boutiques, restaurants, concert venues, and coffee shops. A bonus to living in The Loop is its proximity to Washington University’s Danforth Campus. You would never have to drive to campus! 

 For those that don’t mind the drive (or biking a few extra miles) there are additional options farther away from campus. Some neighborhoods that I would suggest include The Grove, Shaw, Tower Grove South or Tower Grove East, and Benton Park. These neighborhoods are in the southern side of the city. 

 Adjacent to the CWE, The Grove is one of the next closet shots to campus (a quick bike ride or drive through Forest Park).. You can find independent breweries, restaurants, and coffee shops in The Grove. 

 Shaw, Southwest Gardens, Tower Grove East and Tower Grove South are neighborhoods bordering Tower Grove Park. Each are close to Grand Boulevard, where you can find (almost any) ethnic cuisine that your heart desires. 

Benton Park is the home of Cherokee Street, known for its strong Latinx community and hipster vibe. 

 As you consider which location is best for you, one rule that may help is: the farther  from campus tends to correlate to the less that you will pay for rent. Of course, another way to lower the cost of rent is to live with roommates. 

So that brings us to that dreaded question of how you can find your roommates for the upcoming school year. My first suggestion for finding a roommate (and your next potential BFF) is post on the Brown School Admitted Students Facebook group. Tons of students will post inside that group to find roommates, secure housing, and meet fellow classmates before the school year begins. If you’re looking to room with people outside the Brown School community (or find housing in general), my go-to is always Craigslist. As you can see, there are plenty of ways that you can find roommates that are graduate students or outside the Washington University community. 

So hopefully this helps alleviate some of the stress that comes along with your next steps into graduate school. If I could find housing and roommates all the way from Albania, you will definitely be able to too! And don’t forget that you can always reach out to Brown School Office of Admissions & Recruitment Student Ambassadors with any additional questions or concerns. Happy planning!