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MSW Student Brigid Welch
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If you like veggie burgers, international food and coffee...

At some point, I started a lists of my favorite places in St. Louis. 

First, I wanted a go-to list for places with good veggie burgers. Then, I wanted to remember new restaurants I enjoyed. Then it was about quickly access to variety. Finally, my list multiplied into topics: general restaurants, coffee shops, bars, brunch, and vegetarian/vegan friendly. This was important for self-care and fun sharing with fellow students. I hope my lists inspire you to take care of yourself and find your places in St. Louis!  

Note: I am a vegetarian so all places mentioned under general restaurants and brunch have vegetarian and/or vegan options.

Restaurants (asterisk indicates it's also a place with good veggie burgers!)

  • Sasha's (Shaw) - wine bar, beautiful space, fireplace, whimsical outdoor seating, easily one of my top places in St. Louis
  • *Sweet Art (Shaw) - vegetarian and vegan, breakfast and lunch, bakery, southern/soul food influences   
  • Banh Mi So (Dutchtown) - Vietnamese, veggie/vegan options  
  • Vista Ramen (Cherokee) - fancy ramen  
  • *Three Kings (Delmar Loop) - American bar food  
  • *Steve's Hot Dogs (Tower Grove & The Hill) - gourmet hot dogs (veggie and meat)  
  • Pastaria (Clayton) - fancy Italian
  • Momo's (University City) - Greek Mediterranean  
  • *Lulu's Local Eatery (Tower Grove) - vegan, affordable, lunch and dinner, amazing  
  • Treehouse (Tower Grove) - fancy vegetarian/vegan, lunch/dinner/brunch  
  • *Royale (Tower Grove South) - delicious bar food, vegetarian/vegan options  
  • King and I (Tower Grove) - somewhat fancy Thai, vegetarian options  
  • Basil Spice (Tower Grove) - Thai, vegetarian options  
  • The Vine (Tower Grove) - Mediterranean, affordable, lunch and dinner, juice bar
  • *Boogaloo (Maplewood) - bar food, American and Caribbean fusion, there are swings at the bar which is pretty wonderful  
  • Foundation Grounds (Maplewood) - coffee shop, breakfast and lunch, vegetarian/vegan options  
  • Bridge (Downtown) - fancy, vegetarian and vegan options
  • *Range (Downtown) - fancy burgers and shakes, veggie options
  • *Pieces (Soulard) - bar food, veggie options, This bar has hundreds of board games and it's a STL gem!  
  • Cafe Mochi (Tower Grove) - sushi, affordable
  • Cafe Osage (Central West End) - breakfast and lunch, coffee and tea, plant nursery
  • Lona's Lil Eats (Fox Park) - modern/creative Chinese
  • *Crow's Nest (Maplewood) - nice bar food, veggie options. They pride themselves on getting poor Yelp reviews, but I love this bar.
  • The Fountain on Locust (Midtown) - salads, sandwiches, ice cream, boozy ice cream drinks  
  • Mai Li (Brentwood) - oldest Vietnamese restaurant in STL, affordable
  • Seoul Taco (Delmar Loop) - Korean and Mexican fusion, Try it!   
  • *Frida's (University City) – fancier vegetarian food, juice bar, nice patio!


  • SqWires (Lafayette Square) - bloody Mary and mimosa bar, on the fancier side   
  • Rooster (Tower Grove)  
  • Mud House (Cherokee)
  • Small Batch (Midtown) - They specialize in whiskey, bourbon, and rye and the food is all vegetarian/vegan. Fancy and worth checking out!
  • Southwest Diner (Maplewood) – Tex-Mex, the "waiting area" is a beautifully painted bus with a bartender
  • Rasoi (Central West End) - fancy Indian food, weekend buffet
  • Hamburger Mary's (Downtown) - bar food, drag queens, fun environment
  • Treehouse (Tower Grove)  
  • Pura Vegan (DeBaliviere) - vegan food and yoga space  
  • Sweet Art (Shaw) – One of my all-time favorites!
  • Half and Half (Clayton)
  • Crow's Nest (Maplewood)
  • City Diner (Tower Grove)
  • Three Monkeys (Tower Grove South)

Coffee Shops

  • Hartford Coffee Company (Tower Grove South)
  • Gelateria (Tower Grove)
  • Mud House (Cherokee)
  • Blueprint (Delmar Loop)
  • Meshuggah (Delmar Loop)
  • Stone Spiral (Maplewood)
  • Shameless Grounds (Benton Park)


  • Scottish Arms (Midtown)
  • Sasha's (Shaw)
  • Venice Cafe (Soulard) - This is the most artsy bizarre bar!  
  • Momo's (University City)
  • Atomic Cowboy (The Grove) - LGBTQ area
  • HandleBar (The Grove) - LGBTQ area  
  • Rehab (The Grove) - LGBTQ area and bar
  • Fortune Teller Bar (Cherokee)
  • Heavy Anchor (Bevo Mill)
  • Pagan Wine Bar (Central West End)
  • Hamburger Mary's (Downtown)
  • Pieces (Soulard)
  • Tick Tock Tavern (Compton Heights) - connected to the Steve's Hot Dogs
  • Crow's Nest (Maplewood)
  • Boogaloo (Maplewood)
  • Royale (Tower Grove South)  
  • The Gin Room (Tower Grove) - part of Cafe Natasha which is a good mediterranean restaurant  
  • Narwhal's (Midtown) - alcoholic slushies, actually fancier than it sounds
  • CBGB (Tower Grove)  
  • Small Batch (Midtown) whiskey bar. This is the most rye, bourbon, whiskey I have ever seen in one place.



  • Pride festival (Downtown and Tower Grove)
  • Festival of Nations
  • Food Truck Friday
  • Movies on Art Hill
  • Twilight Tuesdays
  • Whitaker Festival at the Botanical Gardens
  • City Museum
  • Science Center
  • Art Museum
  • Contemporary Arts Center
  • History Museum
  • Tower Grove Park
  • Forest Park
  • Heman Park and pool
  • Float Trips
  • Camping (Lots of state parks all across Missouri)