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Faculty Spotlight

Enola Proctor 

“I am often asked about my role as a social worker, leading a field that engages medicine, psychology, business, engineering, public health and nursing. I respond that social workers are naturals for implementation science. We understand the complexities of change at the community, organizational, provider, and client levels, and we know how to bring people together to solve hard problems.”

Social work and public health students at the Brown School are united by a passion to help others.  Gain the knowledge to make great change happen.


Employer-Based Financial Wellness Programs Project Receives $750,000 Grant from Kellogg Foundation

Over the next two years, the Brown School’s Center for Social Development will conduct a large-scale intervention study to assess implementation effectiveness and employee financial security outcomes of employer-based financial wellness programs.

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Brown Alumni and Friends Honored at Annual Awards

Eight awardees were honored at the 34th annual Distinguished Alumni Awards. The event highlights Brown School graduates and supporters who work in diverse ways for positive change around the globe.

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Overweight Mothers Underestimate their Children’s Weight

Mothers who are overweight or obese tend to underestimate the weights of their obese children, according to a new study from the Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis.

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Student Spotlight: Donnatesa Dean

A second-year MPH student specializing in Epidemiology/Biostatistics, Donnatesa Dean has worked closely with the For the Sake of All initiative to help expand school-based health centers.

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Tim McBride: Trump and GOP Face Catch-22 Trying to Alter ACA

While President Trump and a Republican-controlled legislature look to make good on campaign promises to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, political reality is kicking in, says Brown School Professor Tim McBride.

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Three Journals Turn Attention to Financial Capability, Asset Building

Three leading journals are heightening awareness of a national effort to reintroduce to social work a curriculum focused on building financial capability for all Americans.

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