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Resources from Past Open Classroom Programs

Some Open Classroom instructors make copies of their presentations available or share supplemental resources with the audience.  We use this page to post that information.

MARCH 2023

  • Preventing Suicide Through Safety Planning - view the presentation slides here.
  • Supporting Families to Promote Child Safety and Well-Being - view the presentation slides here.

MARCH 2023

  • Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health: Supporting Families and Improving Child Outcomes - view the presentation slides here.
  • Anti-oppressive and De-colonial Approaches to Community Engagement in St. Louis - view the presentation slides here.
  • Social Work and Human Service Leadership: The Disconnect and Strategies Forward - view the presentation slides here.
  • Reframing Aging: Current Perspectives on Older Adults and Aging Society - view the presentation slides here.

December 2022

  • Iran’s Gen Z: The Leadership of Young Women and Girls in the National Uprising - view resources from the panel here and a statement from Amnesty International on at-risk Iranians.
  • Strategies to Support Multilingual Learning in U.S. Schools - view resources from the SALaMA Series presentation here.

November 2022

  • Social Work Responds to the Election - view presentation slides from Jason Ostrander and Charles Lewis here.
  • AI, Machine Learning, and Macroeconomic Aspects of Health and Health Policies - view Prof. Feng's presentation slides here.

October 2022

  • Collaborative Approaches to Addressing Historical and Multi-Generational Trauma - presentation slides can be viewed here.
  • Collaborating with Family Peer Advocates in Child Mental Health Research - view slides from Mary Acri & Priscilla Shorter here.
  • Research Findings, Training Issues, and Capacity Expansion for Family & Youth Peer Support and Advocacy - slides and references can be found here.

September 2022

  • Collaborative Research Methods to Elevate the Voices of Youth, Adult Caregivers, and Providers in Child and Family-Focused Studies - view presentation slides from Mary McKay and Brittany Mihalec-Adkins here.
  • Developing and Maintaining Partnerships for Implementation in Child Welfare Systems - presentation slides can be found here.
  • If You Do Nothing Else, Please Take Time to Listen: Black Families and the Child Welfare System - view presentation slides and references here.
  • Voting is Social Work: Researches Speak Out - view presentation slides from Adelaide Sandler & Shannon Lane, Mimi Abramovitz, and Jenna Powers.
  • Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Ethics, and Sustainability - view presentation slides here.
  • The Monkeypox Outbreak: Insights and Impacts - presentation slides from Dr. Cherabie can be found here.

August 2022

  • Tips and Tools for Helping Kids Thrive in the Upcoming School Year - slides can be found here.
  • The Power of 3 Campaign: A Webinar Event - slides and resources from the panel can be found here.
  • PTSD and the COVID-19 Pandemic - slides, references, and resources from Dr. Megan Keyes' presentation can be found here.

May 2022

  • Advocacy & Allyship With Asian American Pacific Islander Communities - find additional resources here.

March 2022

  • Leveraging the Collective - find additional resources here.
  • Loss & Grief in COVID-19:Navigating the Grief Process - slides, references, and resources from Dr. Megan Keyes' presentation can be found here.

February 2022

  • Solving Social Work's Critical Leadership Problem - slides from Barry Rosenberg's lecture are available here.
  • Is Professionalism a Racist Construct? - resources from this presentation for further consideration of the topic are available here.

January 2022

  • Race & Human Trafficking - Dr. Shima Rostami from Gateway Human Trafficking's presentation slides are here.
  • Engaging Parents in Child Behavioral Health - slides from Dr. Trish Kohl's presentation can be found here.
  • Disability & Inclusion - slides from Dr. Srilatha Juvva's talk are available here.
  • Spatial Epidemiology - slides from Dr. Deborah Salvo's talk can be found here.


  • Understanding St. Louis' Nonprofit Sector- access slides regarding the regional indicators report here
  • On Sport for Development - slides from Dr. Lombe Mwambwa's presentation can be found here.


  • Establishing a Racial Equity Framework - resources from the presentation are available here.


  • Driving Equity 2030 - slides from the first panel regarding the Brown School's strategic plan can be found here.
  • Engaging Families in Preventing Youth Suicide - slides from Ryan Lindsay's presentation can be accessed here.
  • From Isolation to Full Community Inclusion - slides from Mark Keeley's Inclusive Perspectives talk are available here.
  • Improving Child and Adolescent Mental Health - slides from Leyla Ismayilova's presentation can be accessed here.
  • Teenage Brain - select slides from Lorien Carter's presentation are here.  Recommended resources are here.

September 2021

  • Disability-Inclusive Workplaces - slides from Susanne Bruyere's presentation are available here.
  • School-Based Suicide Prevention Strategies - slides from Ryan Lindsay's talk are availablehere.


  • Science and Strategies to Support Tweens and Teens in Pandemic Recovery and a Rapidly Changing World - slides from Stephanie Krauss' talk are available here.
  • Fear of Needles and the Unknown: Compassionately Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy- Slides from Beth Brawley's presentation can be found here.

July 2021

  • Mindfulness for the School Year - Slides from Meg Krejci's presentation can be found here.
  • Digital Dating Abuse - Slides from Kaleigh Cornelison's presentation can be found here.     
  • Authentic Advocacy - Slides from Ian Forber-Pratt's presentation can be found here.

February 2021

  • Understanding the Pandemic as a Shared Traumatic Experience- Dr. Hasmik Chakaryan developed this Open Classroom lecture, with slides available here.
  • Pro-Trump Era Resistance: Hope & Mobilizing Among Black Families- Brown School Associate Professor Sheretta Butler Barnes delivered this presentation that reviewed findings from her study of factors that influenced self-esteem and resiliency among African American teens.  Her slide deck is available here.

January 2021

  • Managing in the Multi-Generational Workplace - Brown School Senior Lecturer Janelle Barker Gibson offered this Open Classroom about generational difference in the workplace.  Her slides are available here.

December 2020

  • Adaptive Coping & Stress Management - In partnership with Open Classroom, Dr. Megan Keyes has assembled a three-part series for health and public health workers.  The first webinar is available here.  Dr. Keyes' slides and resources are also available.  Slides and resources from the second webinar are also available.
  • Supporting LGBT Older Adults - Brown School Alumna Sherrill Wayland delivered this Open Classroom presentation on supporting older LGBT adults during the pandemic.  Her slides are available here.

November 2020

October 2020

  • Virtual Facilitation - Steven Harowitz provided this Open Classroom with 5 Tips for Virtual Facilitation.  His slides are available here.
  • Immigration Policy - Washington University alumnus Javad Khazaeli of Khazaeli Wyrsch LLC delivered this Open Classroom talk on the racism inherent in current US immigration policy.  His slide deck is available here.
  • Inclusive Democracy - Dr. Gena McClendon delivered an Open Classroom about inclusive democracy and voter suppression.  Her slide deck is available here.

July 2020

  • Caring for Yourself & Your Team in the Era of Uncertainty - Brown School Alumna Kaleigh Cornelison provided this Open Classroom talk on self-care and care of others while we telecommute and manage new stressors.  Her slides are available here.  Additional resources referenced can be found here.
  • Increasing Engagement with Clients with PTSD - Drs. Megan Keyes and Julie Mastnak provided an Open Classroom lecture regarding evidence-based therapies, PTSD, and the pandemic.  Their slides are available here.
  • Introversion, Extroversion, and the Pandemic- Brown School Professional Development presenter Chris Frey offered this Open Classroom talk on strategies to manage the impact of social distancing on introverts and extroverts.  His slide deck - including resources at the end - is available here.
  • Pandemic Stress - Megan Keyes developed this Open Classroom program for us.  Her slides are available here.  She assembled these resources and shares these references.
  • Messaging Your Issue - Open Classroom teamed up with the Grand Challenges for Social Work to produce this webinar on Messaging Your Issue for Policy Audiences.  The slide deck is available here.
  • Health Policy & Economics - The Brown School's Dr. Timothy McBride provides this Open Classroom lecture on the health policy and economic challenges of the pandemic.  His slide deck is available here.
  • How Small Businesses Support a Community and How to Protect Them - Brown School Professor of the Practice Heather Cameron provided this Open Classroom talk.  Her slides are available here.

June 2020

  • Implementation Science - Drs. Ana Bauman and Rebecca Lengnick-Hall of the Brown School provided this Open Classroom discussion entitled "Your Intervention is Ready...Now What?"  Their slides, including additional recommended readings, are available here.
  • Tracking the Social & Economic Impact of COVID-19 - The Brown School's Professor Matthew Kreuter delivered this Open Classroom lecture discussing the work of the Health Communication and Research Laboratory to track impacts of the pandemic on people's needs for services like food and housing.  Slides from the presentation are available for your reference here.  The HCRL also has this website where you can learn more about their work.
  • Virtual Service Delivery - Brown School alumnus Carl Josehart provided this Open Classroom talk about Jewish Family Service of Houston's response to the pandemic - how they shifted their service delivery, while staying connected to key stakeholder's.  The presentation slides are available here.

May 2020

April 2020

  • Engaging Families - From the Brown School's Open Classroom series, Dean Mary McKay delivered this webinar entitled "I Went for an Intake and Never Went Back."  Her slide deck is available here.  She recommends these additional webinars to people interested in learning more about this topic.
  • Epidemiology 101 - From the Brown School's Open Classroom series, Dr. Kim Johnson shares an overview of basic epidemiology concepts and relates them to the current pandemic.  Her slide deck is available here.
  • Major Gift Solicitation - Professor of Practice Barry Rosenberg gave this talk.  His slides are available here.
  • Reintegration of Children in Families - Ian A. Forber-Pratt created this Open Classroom presentation to share a practice model around reunification and reintegration of children to families.  His slides are available here.
  • Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Standards (CLAS) in Health Care - Dr. Vetta Sanders Thompson hosted an Open Classroom session regarding CLAS in health care, along with a conversation regarding health equity.  Her talk can be found here.  Her slides are available here.  Additional resources she recommends are found here and here.

March 2020