Meet Your Instructors

Sarah Moreland-RussellSarah Moreland-Russell, PhD, MPH
Assistant Professor of Practice, Brown School

Sarah’s research focuses on health policy analysis and evaluation, specifically regarding tobacco control and obesity prevention, organizational and systems science and evaluation, and dissemination and implementation of public health policies. Her work has made contributions to the need for local-level policy adoption, strategies for disseminating results for more effective implementation of evidence-based policy, and the evaluation of public health programs. In her role as advisor to the Clark-Fox Policy Institute, Moreland-Russell develops policy curricula, teaches several policy-related courses and continues an active research portfolio focused on public health policy dissemination and implementation.

Atia Thurman, MSW
Associate Director, Clark-Fox Policy Institute, Brown School

Atia is a Brown School alum with extensive experience in communications, public engagement and project management. As a consultant with Vector Communications Corporation for 9 years, she specialized in planning and facilitating public engagement campaigns for local and regional initiatives in the areas of community development, health and human services, and transportation. Thurman also serves on the Clark-Fox Policy Institute’s leadership team, whose work focuses on building the capacity of citizens and communities to create positive change and address social justice through policy engagement.