Community Organizing and Advocacy: The Importance of Community Efforts During a Public Health Crisis | Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis
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Community Organizing and Advocacy: The Importance of Community Efforts During a Public Health Crisis

Registration deadline: June 5th

This workshop will be conducted via a virtual Zoom meeting online format and Canvas. Access to a computer/laptop with internet access is required. Please contact Professional Development with any questions.

15 CEUs/CPH units - (7.5 live, 7.5 self-paced)

Sarah Moreland-Russell, PhD
Assistant Professor of Practice, Brown School

Gary Parker, MSW
Associate Dean, External Affairs, Brown School
Director, Clark-Fox Policy Institute

Atia Thurman, MSW
Associate Director, Clark-Fox Policy Institute
Manager, Brown School Initiatives

Community-based public health and social work practice seeks to improve the social and economic quality of life for vulnerable populations using multiple methods of empowerment-based policy interventions. This course offers participants an overview on methods of community organization to accomplish social support goals especially during the time of a public health crisis.

Using the COVID-19 pandemic as an example, the course instructors will provide information on how pandemics can negatively impact vulnerable populations, how communities can come together to mitigate the unintended consequences of reactive policymaking, how public health crises can bring to light gaps in the community support network to inform future policymaking, and strategies for organizing the community during times of crises.

Workshop will consist of daily live Zoom webinars from 1:00 - 2:30 p.m., and additional course material in Canvas.

Class size is limited to 25.

$650 General admission
$450 Non-profit/government employees (1st Summer Institute class)
$400 Non-profit/government employees (Additional Summer Institute classes)

This class will include both degree-seeking graduate students and practicing professionals. Individuals registering through Professional Development will receive continuing education units - but not academic credit - for the class.

Important Notice:  A recent Chrome update is causing some registrations completed with Chrome to post in our software with missing data. For the present, we recommend using an alternative browser (such as Firefox, Explorer, Edge or Safari). Chrome users may experience a delay with registration confirmations.

About the Instructors:

moreland-russel-sarah-bio1(1).jpgSarah Moreland-Russell’s research focuses on health policy analysis and evaluation, specifically regarding tobacco control and obesity prevention, organizational and systems science and evaluation, and dissemination and implementation of public health policies. Her work has made contributions to the need for local-level policy adoption, strategies for disseminating results for more effective implementation of evidence-based policy, and the evaluation of public health programs. In her role as advisor to the Clark-Fox Policy Institute, Moreland-Russell develops policy curricula, teaches several policy-related courses and continues an active research portfolio focused on public health policy dissemination and implementation.

Gary Parker.jpgPrior to joining Washington University, Gary Parker was Deputy Director of the McSilver Institute for Poverty Policy & Research at New York University Silver School of Social Work. He has held diverse government and public service positions, including Community Liaison to New York State Assembly Member Deborah Glick, District Manager of Manhattan Community Board 5, and Director of Government and Community Affairs at New York University. An accomplished writer, including in The New York Times. Gary teaches courses in community organizing, social welfare policy, and global social work practice. Gary brings a passion for social justice and racial equity to all of his work and continually seeks to put theory, his academic training, and his commitment to stakeholder collaboration into practice to affect positive social change.

Atia Thurman1.jpgAtia Thurman is a Brown School alum with extensive experience in communications, public engagement and project management. As a consultant with Vector Communications Corporation for 9 years, she specialized in planning and facilitating public engagement campaigns for local and regional initiatives in the areas of community development, health and human services, and transportation. In her role as Manager of Brown School Initiatives, Thurman serves as a leader, visionary, and representative of the Dean and the School to internal and external audiences. Thurman also serves on the Clark-Fox Policy Institute’s leadership team, and as such, remains committed to building the capacity of citizens and communities to create positive change and address social justice through policy engagement.

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