Establishing a Private Practice: What Social Workers Need to Know about the Law | Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis
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Establishing a Private Practice: What Social Workers Need to Know about the Law

Preferred registration deadline: November 3rd

3 CEUs

Misty A. Watson, JD
Laura Long, JD
Principals, Danna McKitrick PC

Establishing a social work private practice can be a daunting process. This workshop will assist you with navigating both the legalities and practicalities of setting up your own private practice.  Topics to be discussed include:

  • How to choose and create the appropriate legal entity for your practice to minimize your personal liability.
  • Comply with legal issues that may be presented, such as being served with a subpoena for client records.
  • Continuing your education to encompass the standards set forth in the applicable codes of ethics and state regulations.
  • Keeping current on, and complying with, the seemingly ever-changing state and federal privacy rules and regulations.
  • How to anticipate the unexpected from clients, insurance companies, vendors, and landlords. 
We will also provide you with multiple checklists to assist you in attempting to address and alleviate these concerns. 

Class size is limited to 40.

$50 General Admission
$30 Brown School Field Instructors
$10 Full-Time Graduate Students

Effective September 1, 2017, the cost of visitor parking is no longer included in our program registration fees.  
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