Ethics & Genetic Testing: Exploring the Tension Between “Knowledge is Power” and “Do No Harm” | Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis
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Ethics & Genetic Testing: Exploring the Tension Between “Knowledge is Power” and “Do No Harm”

​Preferred registration deadline: February 8th

3 CEUs

Stacey K. Barton, MSW, LCSW
Clinical Social Worker
HDSA Center of Excellence at Washington University School of Medicine

The science behind the genetic basis of physical and psychiatric diseases is constantly emerging.  Social workers are often key
in working with families affected by these conditions – in medical settings and in a range of other community-based roles.   
In order to provide competent services, we must have a foundational understanding of genetics-related issues, particularly the ethical implications inherent in the field. 

This course will provide an overview of genetics and discuss many of the ethical concerns that commonly arise, including eugenics, genetic testing, legal issues, informed consent, and research.  We will focus on the ethical conflicts inherent in this field through a combination of lecture, videos, discussion, and experiential activities.

This class meets the licensure requirement for 3 hours of continuing education in ethics.

Class size is limited to 45.

$50 General Admission
$30 Discounted Admission**
$10 Washington University Full-Time Graduate Students

**Discounted Admission is offered to current Brown School field instructors, Brown School adjunct faculty, recent Brown School graduates (2016-2018), full-time graduate students from other universities, and Washington University faculty and staff.

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