Foundations of Public Health: Biostatistics (10 Class Meetings) | Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis
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Foundations of Public Health: Biostatistics (10 Class Meetings)

Registration Deadline: July 13th

30 CEUs/CPH units

Alexandra Morshed, MS
Doctoral Student, Brown School

This course provides an introduction to quantitative data analysis as it is applied in public health. Biostatistics is one of the core disciplines of public health, but it also provides a set of analytic tools which are used across all the other core and associated public health disciplines.

This course will teach students how to think about data clearly; how to describe important characteristics of public health data; how to design, implement, and interpret basic statistical analyses which are appropriate for the research question and the characteristics of the data; and how to communicate analysis results effectively.

This class will include both practicing professionals and graduate students taking the class for academic credit.

$1000 General Admission

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