Integrating Professional Purpose and Personal Identity (FULL CLASS) | Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis
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Integrating Professional Purpose and Personal Identity (FULL CLASS)


Preferred registration deadline: July 13th

3  CEUs

Chris Frey, MSW, ACSW, LCSW
Clinical Social Worker, Frey and Tobin Counseling Associates

Purposefully managing our careers and staying in touch with our sense of personal purpose allow us to be better prepared and more resilient in managing job change – whether small or large, voluntary or involuntary. Staying connected with who we are and how we want to live requires periodic reflection and course corrections. Sometimes major sea changes are needed to be true to ourselves and lead fulfilling lives.

This session will address the importance of engaging your talents and interests in ways that are consistent with your purpose, passion, and identity. We will examine aspects of this topic from the inward-looking, emotional perspective as well as practical career development considerations, such as how to assess your transferable skills.

Class size is limited to 45.

$50 General Admission
$30 Discounted Admission**
$10 Washington University Full-Time Graduate Students

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**Discounted Admission is offered to current Brown School field instructors, Brown School adjunct faculty, recent Brown School graduates (2016-2018), full-time graduate students from other universities, and Washington University faculty and staff.

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