Mentoring At-Risk Youth: The Urban Life Skills Model for Supporting Holistic Change | Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis
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Mentoring At-Risk Youth: The Urban Life Skills Model for Supporting Holistic Change

Preferred registration deadline: July 15th

3 CEUs

Nathan Aguilar, MSW - Director of Juvenile Justice
Cuitlahuac Heredia, MA - Juvenile Justice Specialist
Paulino Vargas - Juvenile Justice Specialist
Mario Vega - Coach/Mentor
Michael Torres, MEd - Coach/Mentor
Urban Life Skills, New Life Centers of Chicagoland

Urban Life Skills has spent over seven years refining their nationally-recognized approach to mentoring at-risk youth.
Their effective model creates safe spaces for youth, improves their quality of life, builds a long-term supportive network for
youth and families, and produces sustainable community transformation. As youth engage in healthy mentoring relationships over a number of years, a new vision is cast for their future. They walk toward a new life and a new direction.

In this training, you will receive an overview of the Urban Life Skills mentoring model, learn what makes an effective mentor,
as well as explore best practices in mentoring urban youth. You will hear about the distinctive elements that make Urban Life Skills' model effective in supporting holistic change in the lives of at-risk youth.

Class size is limited to 45.

$50 General Admission
$30 Discounted Admission**
$10 Washington University Full-Time Graduate Students

**Discounted Admission is offered to current Brown School field instructors, Brown School adjunct faculty, recent Brown School graduates (2016-2018), full-time graduate students from other universities, and Washington University faculty and staff.

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