Proactive Approaches to Prevent Workplace Harassment and Bullying: A Manager’s Guide (CANCELLED) | Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis
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Proactive Approaches to Prevent Workplace Harassment and Bullying: A Manager’s Guide (CANCELLED)

Preferred registration deadline: September 14th

3 CEUs

Jessica Kuchta-Miller, JD, MA
Staff Ombudsperson, Washington University

Workplace harassment can occur within any industry or setting.  Regardless of the context, workplace harassment comes at a steep cost to the physical, emotional, and economic wellbeing for those who experience it.  Moreover, the effects ripple beyond the targeted employee, since the impact to productivity, absenteeism, turnover, and reputational harm often impact the full
staff team.  All of this can get in the way of an organization’s operations and chip away at its financial health.  For each of these reasons, preventing harassment, discrimination, and even bullying should be a priority for all organizations. 

This class will examine the types of workplace conduct that are not only inappropriate but also considered as unlawful and will distinguish bullying from harassment.  Through interactive exercises and case studies, this course will identify and explore what organizations and managers can do to proactively promote a workplace environment that honors the dignity of all employees.

Class size is limited to 30.

$50 General Admission
$30 Discounted Admission**
$10 Washington University Full-Time Graduate Students

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**Discounted Admission is offered to current Brown School field instructors, Brown School adjunct faculty, recent Brown School graduates (2016-2018), full-time graduate students from other universities, and Washington University faculty and staff.

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