Reconnecting with your "Why": Integrating Spirituality into Social Work (FULL CLASS) | Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis
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Reconnecting with your "Why": Integrating Spirituality into Social Work (FULL CLASS)


Registration deadline: July 14th

3 CEUs

Jenni Harpring, MSW, MA

Director of Field Education, Brown School

For many, social work is a calling. Whether based in religion or secular philosophy, a career in social service can be the natural outgrowth of the belief that fulfilling one’s purpose in life requires dedication to remedying injustice or tending to those who have been injured or in pain. Over time, these beautiful impulses to serve can become thwarted by the frustration of daily life, including problems so complex they defy resolution, clients who are resistant to changes, and red-tape that stalls progress. Most social service contexts aren’t arranged to address the spiritual calling that provides the reason we do what we do.

Join us for a reflective, interactive experience designed to reinvigorate your connection to the part of you that most finds fulfillment in being a helper and aid you in articulating the need that satisfies within you. Strategies will be shared for integrating your “why” into your day-to-day work. Self-care techniques will be practiced.

Class size is limited to 25.

$50 General Admission
$30 Brown School Field Instructor
$10 Full-time Graduate Student

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