Brown School National Council

At Washington University, National Councils play a major role in planning and evaluation of the Schools and select university initiatives. Our National Council provides an external viewpoint that is critical to helping shape our mission, structure and programs.

Members include:

Chair – Tom Hillman, AB ’78
Alex Altman, MSW ’10
Carol Ann Barnickol
Zachary Boyers, MBA ’01
Saras Chung, MSW ’06, PhD ’16
Maxine Clark
Emily G. Coen, MSW ’96
Kersha Deibel, MSW/MPH ’11
Betsy Douglass, MSW ’72, MA ’72
Jennifer Hillman, BFA ’79
Christine Jubel Homan, BSBA ’71
Mary Curtis Horowitz, AB ’68
April Mickens Jolly, BSBA ’02
Carl Josehart, AB ’84, MSW ’87
Eugene S. Kahn
Michael Bennett Kaufman, MSW ’77
Mark A. Keeley, MSW ’89
Theresa Kepic
Tandy Levine, MSW ’76
Charles Lowenhaupt
Frank Naeymi-Rad
Tim Noelker
Bonnie M. Orkow, MSW ’70
Sue Schlichter, MSW ’76
Jim Schlie, MSW ’67
Shefali Shah
Esther U. Shin, AB ’94, MSW ’98
Bill Siedhoff, BS ’68, MSW ’73
Mary Stillman
Susan Stith
Susan Talve
Paul N. Tice, BSBA ’90, JD ’94
Susan Warshaw, MSW ’79

Emeriti National Council Members

Marylen Mann, AB ’57, MA ’59
Sima Needleman, MSW ’74
Roma B. Wittcoff, BSBA ’45