MSP Field Education

Field education is an integral part of your education at The Brown School. It is designed to provide experiences where theoretical knowledge and concepts from the classroom and literature can be applied in a real-world setting. These experiences allow you to practice professional behavior—ethics, comportment, policy compliance—in preparation for continuing your career.

At the Brown School, we do not assign students to specific internships. You are responsible for selecting your own field experience. This approach allows you to build on knowledge and skills closely related to your personal career objectives. You must select internship experiences from agencies affiliated with the School. The Office of Field Education maintains updated lists of affiliated sites and an online database (Handshake) for students.

Additional MSP specific guidance for summer internships is available here.

MSP Internship Overview

  • 360 hours in the social policy field, typically completed full-time in the summer following completion of MSP coursework.
  • Students will develop specific competencies through their internship experience.
  • Internship may be completed locally, out-of-state, or internationally.

Student Field Education Resources

MSP Internship Forms

Student Self Evaluation and Student Assessment of the Internship Experience
MSP Self-Evaluation of Competencies and Performance

As part of your internship requirements, you must complete this self-evaluation two weeks prior to the end of your internship. Once you have submitted the self-evaluation, an email with a link to complete the final evaluation will be sent to your field instructor.

Student Assessment of Internship Experience

All students are encouraged to complete the Student Assessment of Practicum Experience (SAPE) at the conclusion of your internship experience.

Educational and Learning Agreements
Forms for International Students

Students with an international visa completing internship in the United States must complete a CPT Form or J-1 Form for every semester in internship. Please follow the directions on the form.

Application for Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

Application for J-1 Training

Certification of CPT Position


Timesheets should be submitted to your Brown School field faculty at the completion of your internship experience along with your MSP Internal Closure Form.

MSP Internship Timesheet

New Local Internship Site Affiliation Request

If you know of an organization that is interested in becoming a field site, send them the following links:

Important: An application does not mean a site will be affiliated. They must be approved and meet the requirements.

Key Contacts

Key Contacts
  • Jewel Stafford, MSW

  • Assistant Dean, Office of Field Education, Teaching Professor, Director, Racial Equity Fellows Concentrations: Individualized, American Indian/Alaska Native
  • 314-935-2785
Tammy Orahood
  • Elizabeth Fuchs, MSW

  • Lecturer, Concentrations: Social & Economic Development – Domestic, Master of Social Policy (MSP) program
  • 314-935-3456