MSP Dual Degree Seeking Applicants

The Master of Social Policy degree can be earned in conjunction with the Brown School’s Master of Social Work (MSW/MSP) or Master of Public Health (MPH/MSP), or the Juris Doctor with Washington University’s School of Law (JD/MSP).

Separate applications are required for each program and are reviewed independently according to each program’s unique admissions criteria. Please review all admissions requirements and deadlines associated with the programs to which you are applying.

Applicants must complete the MSP application and apply separately to the other program through the appropriate Washington University School:

Additional Considerations for Dual-Degree Applicants:

  • Be sure to indicate your dual-degree interest in both applications for admission.
  • Only one video interview is required for applicants applying concurrently to two Brown School programs (MSW/MSP or MPH/MSP).
  • The MSP application will not be considered complete until the MSW, MPH, or JD application is completed.

We also welcome applications from students currently enrolled in Washington University’s MSW, MPH or JD programs who wish to add the MSP and pursue the dual degree.