MSW Scholarship Support

We know how important scholarship support can be in making graduate school a possibility. The Brown School offers a range of scholarships to assist students with funding their degree. Brown School scholarships include a combination of merit and need-based awards that recognize the variety of strengths, experiences, endeavors, and personal histories our students offer. The admissions committee considers several factors in determining scholarship awards: financial need, academic achievement, leadership and service, professional accomplishments, contributions to family and community, and commitment to equity and social justice.

Select scholarships are also available to students in partnership with a number of service corps programs—including Peace Corps, Teach For America, City Year, the Coro Fellows Program, and others.

Applicants interested in Brown School scholarship support must complete the Brown School Scholarship Consideration form, which is embedded within the MSW application. Most Brown School awards are partial-tuition scholarships, with a limited number of full-tuition scholarships available each year.

To receive priority consideration for admission and scholarship awards, please apply for admission by one of our priority deadlines: December 1 for early review or March 1 for priority review. After these deadlines, scholarships will be awarded based on the availability of funds. Deadlines are the same for both U.S. and international applicants.

MSW Scholarships

Benjamin E. Youngdahl Scholarship
Established in honor of a former Dean of the Brown School, the Youngdahl award is designated for an exceptional student who demonstrates a steadfast commitment to social justice and transformative leadership in the classroom and the community.

Bettie Schroth Johnson Scholarship in Social Service Management
Awarded to women scholars demonstrating leadership capacity and career commitment to social service management and entrepreneurship. Preference is given to students pursuing the Social Impact Leadership concentration.

Brown School BSW Scholars Award
Awarded to outstanding BSW applicants pursuing the advanced standing track and demonstrate clear commitment to further their education in the field of social work.

Brown School Coro Fellows Scholarship
Awarded to outstanding St. Louis Coro Fellows Program alumni for their leadership experience and potential for significant impact in the field of social work.

Brown School Emerging Leaders in Mental Health Advocacy
Awarded to outstanding applicants dedicated to the delivery and advancement of equitable mental health services.

Brown School Emerging Leaders in Sexual Health and Education Scholarship
Awarded to applicants with a strong potential for leadership in sexual health and education.

Brown School Emerging Leaders in Transdisciplinary Studies
Awarded to outstanding applicants motivated to work across disciplines to address our world’s complex problems.

Brown School Global Social Work Scholars Award
Awarded to outstanding applicants showing deep commitment and prior experience working on social service issues in the global context; dedication to issues contributing significantly to global, social and economic empowerment in low-resource countries.

Brown School Gephardt Scholarship
Awarded to the MSW student who is selected by the Gephardt Institute for Civic and Community Engagement for the Gephardt Fellow for Engage Democracy. This fellowship serves to advance the strategic priorities of the Engage Democracy Initiative, a university-wide initiative that educates the campus community about the processes and civic skills needed to participate in a thriving democracy.

Kathryn M. Buder Charitable Foundation Scholarships
Full scholarships offered by the independent G.A. Jr., and Kathryn M. Buder Charitable Foundation, and awarded to outstanding Native American. Buder Scholars are supported by Brown School’s Kathryn M. Buder Center for American Indian Studies, where they are prepared for leadership to make significant contributions to the health, wellness, and sustained future of Indian Country.

Kathryn M. Buder Center Scholarships
The Brown School’s Kathryn M. Buder Center for American Indian Studies offers full- and partial-tuition scholarships for students who intend to practice social work in American Indian communities.

Danforth Scholarship in Social Work
Awarded to an exceptional applicant who demonstrates academic excellence, personal integrity, and outstanding potential for transformative leadership in the field of social work.

Danforth Urban Scholars Program Scholarship
Awarded to outstanding applicants from the St. Louis region with a demonstrated commitment to working with at-risk urban populations in St. Louis. Recipients must demonstrate their commitment to and understanding of issues impacting the St. Louis region, and they are expected to exhibit a continued commitment to the region upon completing the MSW program.

Dean’s Scholarship in Social Work
Awarded to outstanding applicants with strong potential for innovative leadership in the field of social work.

Peace Corps Coverdell Fellows Scholarships
Offered by the Brown School in partnership with the Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program and awarded to outstanding incoming students who are returned Peace Corps Volunteers.

Service Corps Alumni Scholarships (AmeriCorps, City Year, Coro Fellows, Teach For America, faith-based service corps, etc.)
Awarded to outstanding applicants with significant experience (1+ years) in the corresponding service corps program.

Whitney Moore Young, Jr. Scholarship
Awarded to outstanding applicants displaying a strong commitment to social justice and practice that drives racial equity.

Yellow Ribbon Post-9/11 GI Bill Benefits
The Brown School is a full partner in the Yellow Ribbon Post-9/11 GI Bill Benefit. Learn more about how veterans can continue their service with a degree from the Brown School.

Brown School & Endowed Scholarships
A range of scholarships are awarded to MSW students who meet various criteria and have demonstrated commitments to social issues such as improving racial and ethnic relations, underserved minority populations, gerontology, health and mental health, gender issues, public policy, international social work, poverty and child welfare, and other social welfare topics.

Kahn Leadership Program for MSW/MPH Dual-Degree Students

The Kahn Leadership Program in Public Health and Social Work is an honors program for a small cohort of MSW/MPH dual-degree students. Kahn Scholars prepare for leadership in addressing complex challenges at the intersection of social and environmental risk.

Under the guidance of a faculty advisor, Kahn Scholars create and execute learning experiences designed to increase their capacity for collaboration, skill-building and leadership. In addition to receiving scholarship support, they participate in special events and programs as well as professional development opportunities. Dual-degree seeking applicants applying to the MSW and MPH programs concurrently will be automatically considered for the Kahn Leadership Scholarship. Applicants must complete all other requirements for scholarship consideration.